footstep on a cloud of strange unknowing

a pause midair that falters in failed tread

cushioned push returns its pressure stillborn

freeze-frame moment captured in my head

a leap from soft to nothing by a tiptoe

bounce back from invisible though seen

enforced figments caught in time-lapse

qualitative queries in strange dreams

pondered pirouettes unseemly balanced

twirling thoughts on razor’s edge too honed

ethereal and uncontrolled they dip-dive

slow-motioned acts and visions – think I’m stoned. :/


My underexertion of the other day resulting in a sore neck has taken on pain of proportions rendering F#°*! useless as a means of coping. My kindly doctor has prescribed a muscle relaxant (that, according to my kids, some use as a means of ‘getting mellow’) and strong pain killers.

I am only fully appreciating that I may be a control freak because this lack of control is now doing my head in. The dreams are pretty good but I don’t usually need meds to induce strange dreams. My brain usually does that all by its lonesome.

I thought I’d post before I trip again unless you want the garbled version I did earlier and saved to draft. Even I don’t know what that one was about.

26 thoughts on “Time-lapse”

    1. No chance! And having just now swallowed the next lot I’ll keep pen and paper handy rather than Kindle in case I’m tempted to just go for it. Done that before with a few haufs in me and nearly always regretted it. For a wee while. 🙂

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    1. I read ‘wired’ for a moment there. It seems either might be the case. I’ll pass on the mic and soundcloud if that’s okay but taking notes of all adventures in my on/off naps here. Honestly, I feel like a space cadet!

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      1. Thanks, Daniel. I think the worst is over though I’m still on meds. I must be a total wuss when it comes to pain considering what some people have to endure. Having kids fine. Random pain, no thanks. 🙂

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    1. Interesting is one word for it, Mark! My toosh has been in every conceivable position to relieve the pain but no pics were taken. Phones were banned from my room while my minions waited on me and laughed at my drivel. Sods. :/

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      1. Telling you, Mark, the only one who hasn’t laughed at my limited mobility is my eight year old, Anna. She’s now my favourite child! The rest were obviously adopted from the circus. Least, that’s what I told them. 😉

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  1. Thought they’d stopped doling out the good stuff! Mind you with the price of prescriptions these days you might be better off poppong into some dodgy pub! Hope the rest does you some good!

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    1. One of the benefits of the Scottish Parliament, Chris – free prescriptions at source. More or less lost a few days with the amount of sleeping I’ve done. The good stuff doesn’t agree with me! I’d rather have a hauf. 😉

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  2. Oh poor you!!! sorry about the pain…now I know I need a family doctor…still on a waiting list since I moved back to Quebec…I could sure use those muscle relaxants…nice and mellow indeed 😉 but when I did use them a prescription last a long long time. We6950+0++6+6+0
    ll now, perhaps you need to keep your smart phone near you and record verses here and there when you get inspired. Sending you magic powder virtually.

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    1. Thank god, today it’s a lot less painful than it was. The doctors must know something, I guess. I was beginning to doubt. I hope you get to the top of thst list, Cheryl-Lynn – you never know the minute you might need them.
      I did wonder what the numbers were for till I saw your next comment! 🙂


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