Cloud Bursting


puffed meringue, whipped cream fluff,

fuzzy threads dispersing,

birthing, breathing, billowing,

fraying, coalescing –

abstract solids so serene

entrance unto diffusion,

processed, rearranged on high,

creating my illusions –

concentration forms and splits,

this I tell myself,

as mallowed cream and puffed meringues

drift among themselves


10 thoughts on “Cloud Bursting”

    1. Well, I just lay on a sun lounger, contemplated the clouds and had to take a few photos with my Kindle. Unfortunately, no meringues were around. If there had been I’d just have had one of those instead of writing about them. Love meringues. 😀

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      1. I didn’t even know it could be too damp to make them. Never too anything to eat them though. I had one a couple of weeks ago at a place that masters home-baking. This thing was a monster! Two huge separate slabs of meringue, like Himalayen mountain peaks, and a separate dish of cream and strawberries. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven as this was a rediscovery for me of a place that had shut down and relocated. I even had my daughter take a photo of it before I stuck my face in it. Salivating now. Can’t go wrong with meringues. Sorry, couldn’t resist! 😉

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    1. I was writing about synchronicity the other day, Cheryl-Lynn. Cloud bursting AND Hurley’s pub! Too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence. Now to figure what it all means. 🙂


    1. Just want to reach out and touch. Or dive in if it’s meringues. I remember climbing one of the Munros a few years back, getting to the top and seeing the clouds roll towards me. I was so disappointed when I just got soaked. I wanted to touch the puffs even although common sense and science told me otherwise!

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