F This (may cause offense to delicate sensibilities or anyone younger than em, 12 maybe?)

Can’t we all be f#*°®¥°*¢ friends

As birds that f#*°¢ together

F*°«~*’s such a better choice

If we all had f¢¥* f#*°®¥°#


I used to couldn’t swear, it’s true,

Erupted just instead,

Blessed myself and wondered why

Couldn’t even curse in head,

Then thought a bit about some words

And joy of all behold,

Realised perception’s worth,

I practised, grew quite bold.

Didn’t say them when they caused

Any deep offense,

Didn’t say them to my dad,

You’re joking, not that dense.

But found that words like feck and fuck

And shit and sod and damn

Kept volcanic in its place,

Accursed sort of dam.

Use them sometimes as a laugh,

Some jokes just need that jest,

Other times I use them, well,

Hubby knows those best.

Found a fuck to give right here,

Well many, just be warned,

Fucks aplenty, no asterisks,

But, with humour, lessons learned.

Haven’t counted but I know

There are fucks galore

But funny fucks and useful fucks,

I’m keeping some in store.

Only one that I can’t see

Is one I wrote at first ^^^^

Flying fucks from feathered friends

With not a single curse.

Symbols might suggest there’s more

Than merely letters missed

We fill the blanks in anyway

So no censorship for this.



For Just A Moment

If eyes close, for just a moment,

to see within the things too rarely seen

in everydayness passing by, those visions

obliterated by the abc’s.

Life in letters, writ by all must doings,

time that’s urged in get on, get it done,

if eyes close, for just a moment,

seen, the rising of a different sun.

A momentary knowing that, no matter, 

while life courses, inside opens wide,

if eyes close, for just one moment,

surging light, it whispers, deep inside

Sensing rays, from some source emanating,

channelling the lapse of time without,

a basking in the life glow sometimes missing

in visuals of a world that may bring doubt.

If eyes close, for just a moment,

suspended time in tuning what you feel,

just for that brief moment, transformation,

a world within that makes without more real.

Portal to distinct dimension,

eyes closed, for endless moments, held the dream,

if eyes close to see inside self,

just a moment colours everything.


This started off as a song, a hummed tune and a few words, ‘just for a moment’. Lost the tune in the musings and the words did what they wanted!