For Just A Moment

If eyes close, for just a moment,

to see within the things too rarely seen

in everydayness passing by, those visions

obliterated by the abc’s.

Life in letters, writ by all must doings,

time that’s urged in get on, get it done,

if eyes close, for just a moment,

seen, the rising of a different sun.

A momentary knowing that, no matter, 

while life courses, inside opens wide,

if eyes close, for just one moment,

surging light, it whispers, deep inside

Sensing rays, from some source emanating,

channelling the lapse of time without,

a basking in the life glow sometimes missing

in visuals of a world that may bring doubt.

If eyes close, for just a moment,

suspended time in tuning what you feel,

just for that brief moment, transformation,

a world within that makes without more real.

Portal to distinct dimension,

eyes closed, for endless moments, held the dream,

if eyes close to see inside self,

just a moment colours everything.


This started off as a song, a hummed tune and a few words, ‘just for a moment’. Lost the tune in the musings and the words did what they wanted!


21 thoughts on “For Just A Moment”

      1. Well, if the universe would be so kind as to provide me with that housekeeper and chef we spoke about before, I’m up for listening. I did slow down, Mark, for a few days – didn’t have any choice, otherwise I would have been walking about like a question mark bumping into walls. Back to exclamation mark now but horizontal on a sun lounger! Can you believe the sun has deigned to shine these last few days in time for us all going back to school shortly? That universe has, like my kids, a perverse sense of humour. 😉

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      2. You were incapacitated (is that a word? Sounds like a shaving accident 🙂 ), deliberately so that you could get your annual vitamin D boost from the sun. Otherwise you would have just kept going…like all mums of this world, and become a white ghost.
        Apparently no vitamin D does funny things…bones go to jelly, mind starts thinking about fairies and you have this huge urge to drink alcohol 🙂
        Aha, I knew it, you think about alcohol, don’t you? 😀


      3. No alcohol with meds. Having to get all my flavonoids from chocolate instead of red wine. 😉 Vitamin D deficiency surely does do some strange things that even docs are only now becoming tuned into. I must still be deficient – I see fairies most days. 🙂

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    1. I know what you mean. That movie shocked me to the core. My brain felt assaulted.
      It did dawn on me at the time of titling this that there was the other but it seemed apt nevertheless. Need to go scrub my brain now. 😉

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