for adventure

we lack


keep us guessing

by turns


by intention

time lagged

A Mussette is apparently a poem consisting of three verses of three lines with syllables of 2-4-2 in each verse and a rhyming scheme of a/b/a  c/d/c  and e/f/e. Learning something new everyday, courtesy today of Poet’s Corner and the challenge.

Switchback popped into my head and I went with that thinking of the switchback roads and railways that wend a winding route.

After I’d finished I double-checked the meaning because, well, you know you wouldn’t want to check beforehand now would you? And guess what? The word is used for a rollercoaster – never knew that. And it’s also one of the characters from the X-Men – never knew that either. Guess what she can do? Control time for brief periods! Last verse, spooky or what! This place takes me to the fair – honestly! 🙂

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