Sticky Words

Pull a little word from out your pocket,

The one that’s tucked away that you can’t say,

The sticky one, the one with fuzz bits on it,

The one you kept and snuck it well away,

The one that when you see it, on appraisal,

Looks a lot like rubbish to your mind,

Rinse it off and look again, might notice,

It’s the one you lost and tried so hard to find.

That sticky word, adrift in secret places,

Diamond in the rough, a gem concealed,

Searched for, sought and needed, once unheeded,

That’s the one that could be, should be, new revealed.

Sticky words, I know them, they spell trouble,

Trouble while they’re lost in tiny holes,

Found, they are a gift, a grace regranted,

Sticky words can unstick word-stuck souls.


13 thoughts on “Sticky Words”

  1. Somehow the concept of sticky words reminds me of ear-worms, those songs or phrases that stay in your head no matter how ones tries to expel them. I will now think of them as ear-words, waxy and waxing, oozing into the brain. You have started a Freudian dream of word associations that will probably carry me through the day, A-M! Brilliant as usual. 🙂

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  2. I’m kinda going, ‘Euch, wax-covered words!’ My mental images are now pretty gross. 🙂 I like where your mind goes, Beth. Freud would have a field day with us both, methinks. 😉


  3. Well now this is quite clever!! On a Freudian note …. Sticky or otherwise… This trouble you spell…um, would there be fun to make the trouble worthwhile??


  4. I really needed to read this today. You have no idea how much this piece has spoken to my soul. Thank you. This is beautiful and is encouraging me to find and bring my sticky word(s) into the light. ❤ DAF


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