Odds On

Day one.

Up early.

Back to school.

Sun split the trees.



26 thoughts on “Odds On”

  1. Ah love that last line!! something my mom would have said! hope your day was not too grueling…fingers crossed, my son should know mid next week which town and what age group he will be teaching.

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    1. I’m definitely back to base for the next two months with 10-11 year olds – a class I had for a year when they were about 7. So ‘old’ faces. 🙂 And pretty good to catch up on the gossip today. I couldn’t believe it when I popped out at lunchtime and met the hottest day we’ve had all summer. Pretty typical, from past experience, but aggravating still.
      I hope your son enjoys wherever he’s placed. I find it something of an adventure to be in different places, it’s a real eye opener and great experience. I’m sure he’ll get to enjoy it although it’s not everyone’s cuppa.


    1. Naw, ye bloody shouldnae! I should have had money on it, Richard. It was pretty much a certainty. Least I got home in time to rush into the garden. Still sitting on my toosh in the sun. Relative bliss, I’d call it. 🙂

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      1. Thought you were talking about hair for a minute when this comment popped up. Very nearly recommended a product!
        I take no consolation in other folks’ similar misfortunes but, must admit, I do get a bit pissed when parts of UK light up like a beacon on the weather map while ours registers distress. They should really use wee smiley/sad faces on those things instead of suns and clouds. Maybe our sunny day will head your way by tomorrow. As long as it doesn’t do a total runner from here.

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  2. Oh momus, that is so not fair!
    BUT….you did get to have an accident and have the love of family gather round and show how much they care 🙂
    And at least finally really sit still and rest for a change. It’s called….receiving! And patience!
    And so hard to do 🙂


    1. First week almost over, Ms V. That’s always a killer. Especially as the sun has shone every day since our return! But hanging on in with a workload that’s keeping me from blogsville. :/


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