In Moderation

Comments missed,

though unintended,

Default settings changed

to ease the strain,

Unmoderated, means

some got right by me,

Mortified I might

do this again.

Twiddled with the knobs,

reset the buttons,

Moderating so that

I won’t miss,

Always much appreciated, kindly,

take this poem as a virtual kiss.

This does mean, however,

that you’re pending,

And time is rarely seen

as my best friend

But I’d rather take the time

to answer always

Than risk the chance of

doing that again.

Apologies to kindly readers,

Don’t now know how many may have sneaked on by,

I’m trusting I can keep up, beg your patience,

Enemied by time but I will try.



13 thoughts on “In Moderation”

  1. You are so thoughtful,my dear!! I find some comments slipped into my Spam folder for some reason many times and don’t notice it until weeks later. Have a great weekend…well you are half over.

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    1. I think that’s only happened a couple of times to me – it generally is spam found there. I started doing the ‘no moderation’ of comments as a means of keeping things flowing more easily and, for the most part, it works fairly well but it can work against you, obviously, when comments end up unnoticed because they are already approved. It’s my own fault, I think, as I post too often and might initially only notice comments from the post most recently posted. In this case, it was all the comments on one post! And I’d had the cheek to invite ‘penny for your thoughts’ then seemed to ignore them. I think I need to refamiliarise myself with some other settings as WP seem to have done a job on a few features I was familiar with in terms of receiving email notifications. Could just be me, right enough, not noticing where new buttons and bits are located. :/
      I’ve had a busy first half to the weekend, Oliana, finishing off getting the two youngest organised for their return to school. Think that’s them all sorted now. Feet up. 🙂 Hope yours is going well.x


  2. Absolutely love this and absolutely understand. Horrible that we should have to but we must. I love how you put it into words. In a neat little package and brilliantly written 😊


    1. I haven’t had any horrible experiences with comments, for which I’m most thankful. It’s my own inability to keep track that has caused me to reconsider and decide on moderation once more. I’ll see how it goes. I do hope you haven’t had any that would cause you annoyance as I know, from reading around WP, that some have had issues I would not appreciate. Thank you for reading and your comment. 🙂


    1. I quite like change; keeps boredom at bay and invites surprises. 🙂 I don’t , admittedly, like it when it causes problems I could do without. I think this one’s on me though, Chris. :/

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    1. Good grief! I’ve turned into my mum! Catholic guilt instilled and ingrained despite best efforts to dilute. That and parental insistence on manners. I have no chance!
      You probably don’t need to do any knob,-twiddling, Paul. I seem to remember you telling me before you had a system you kept to. My system – if it can be called such – obviously lacks finesse in application. This might not work either, mark you, but giving it a go. Now get back on your knees and beg forgiveness for calling me a teacher/mom type. 😛

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