only one eye knows the difference

but it shuts to see

oculus of moon’s reflections

nights that set it free

only one eye needs to notice

all that dark decrees

assimilated in observing

oracle that heeds

only one eye must to listen

other senses flee

cusping arcs of sight concession

one eye to truly see



11 thoughts on “Oculus”

  1. It may be an absurd association, but this immediately reminded me that birds can see a separate scene out of each eye. Would that we could do that and truly turn a “blind” eye toward the ugly part of our existence. Your usual vivid and refined word painting always creates immediate images in my mind’s eye.

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    1. Not absurd at all, Beth. In fact, after having written this, I read your post about your new camera and lenses and thought how viewing the world through all those different lenses and choosing the right one for each job must give you such a wide variety of perspective on so many things you see. Mind’s eye, fish eye, bird’s eye, inner eye – maybe they’re not all so dissimilar. 🙂


    1. I’m sorry to learn you have glaucoma, Paul. I’ve known a couple of people who had it and were able to have a certain amount of surgery that helped somewhat. Their description of before and after was humbling to me in that, although only partially corrective, they were so grateful for the lifeline to the visual world. Both were avid gardeners, as it happens, and were able to return to this when it had been denied them. It’s all very well to talk of the inner eye but the denial of sight must be a hard cross to bear.
      I hope, for all our sakes but mainly yours and your family, that your condition does not deteriorate.x

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  2. As long as we acknowledge the Truth of the ‘one eye’ then there will be hope. A reminder, I feel, to maintain focus. Speaking of which, work beckons on Wednesday – hope your term has started well!

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    1. Focusing like a champion on work, Chris! So much so, blogland is neglected and I have forward plans and learning outcomes on the brain. :/ Soon back to business as usual, I hope, once the plans are submitted and my brain returns to foggy normality. 😉

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  3. Scottishmomus,
    I first, to be very frank, went into the dictionary to confirm and reaffirm as to what is ‘oculus’, after which I could frame up your this Poem in my mind.
    The meaning says :
    ” a circular opening, especially one at the apex of a dome. Archaeology. a design representing an eye, as on funerary pottery found in megalithic tombs of Europe. Origin of oculus Expand. < New Latin, Latin: eye."
    This poem almost symbolizes your profile photo of 'the Eye'.
    The meaning has a very deep thought to be pondered.
    I am to inform you that I have also attempted to write few poem like lines in my latest two Posts. Please go through, read and comment.
    Wishing a nice week end.
    Lots of Love

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  4. Thank you, Shiva, for the thought and time you have taken in reflecting on my words. It never even dawned on me about any connection to my profile pic. I’m just very much in reflective mode because of work. It’s having an adverse effect on my time and ability to keep up with blog reading but I will endeavour to catch up as soon as the pace slackens. Thank you, once again, for your time and comment.


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