Additional Adoption Records

A friend in need. Reblogging in the hope that someone somewhere may have any information to help Jason reconnect with his sister.

HarsH ReaLiTy

I have had some generous people ask for additional info so they can help me search. Below is the only photo I have of my sister when she was processed into the orphanage with me.

I also have a copy of the guest log which my birth mother signed when she got my sister. It has her old and possibly current address. She may very well still live there. It isn’t honestly an issue of “finding them,” but rather the huge IF of them connecting or not.

The correct spelling of my sister’s name is Ahn Jung Hee and my birth mother’s name is Kim Ie Soo. Do not send me any emails warning about sharing the info I am. It is my decision to do so and I’ve thought this over millions of times.

I will send info directly to those that asked for it. I have a few…

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