Hollow – Musical Muses

Apparently not having much time for blogging doesn’t include not making time to listen to music and letting the words flow. Johnny Ojanpera’s wonderful tunes have been played on repeat for the last few weeks while I’ve whittled away at school work and let the muse take over to say/sing whatever she wants. I hope you enjoy this collaboration across the miles. It sure beats just doing the school stuff on its own. 🙂 Now back to that forward planning. :/

Take me out of the hollow,

Raise me up from the well,

One hand to push on the lever,

Pull me from the tunnel bound for hell,

Sink-hole so deep I am drowning,

Feet in molasses, I am stuck,

Drop me a dime if you’re willing,

Up to my neck in bad luck.

Hollow has the test of me,

You could save the best of me,

Save me from the tunnel bound for hell.

Help me out of the hollow,

Dog days are burning me up,

Feet dried in concrete, I’m shoehorned,

Wedged in, grooved to my rut,

Find me down in the hollow,

Birth me new from the womb,

Save me from sinking in sorrow,

Get me out of this tomb.

Hollow has the test of me,

You could save the best of me,

Save me from the tunnel bound for hell.

Light seen above me, one candle,

Shadowed the face, but I can tell

Who turns the screw, who the handle,

Who sets me free from myself,

Found me and filled me, I was begging,

Hollow had had the test of me,

One hand was all that I needed,

Was empty, you filled, you set me free,

Took me out of the hollow,

Raised me up from that well,

One hand to push on the lever,

You pulled me from the road paved to hell.

Hollow had the test of me,

You saved the best of me,

Saved me from the tunnel bound for hell.


17 thoughts on “Hollow – Musical Muses”

  1. It’s funny how time works… Thank you again for sharing your talent, Anne-Marie. It brings life to my music that would otherwise be lost somewhere on the web. 🙂

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  2. It’s been my pleasure, Johnny. I’d probably be climbing the walls by now without music to soothe the work. It’s a huge bonus that your music inspires my muse and has me singing along without even realising. Then I get to stop, scribble a bit and go back to the grind. Now listening to Elegy. 🙂

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      1. I’m sure it’ll get easier! Either that or we’ll reach the point where the SMT will give up checking it and I’ll be able to simply jot down something useful! Looking forward to the next song!

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      2. And that’s the kicker, isn’t it? The most useful thing would be something someone could glance at and get the gist of in the event of an absence instead of wading through reams of learning outcomes. SMT need to remember what else is involved in running a class apart from writing every blessed thing down. :/
        I’ve written lyrics for two other of Johnny’s songs but currently sound like a frog – dodgy throat and voice – I’ll be signing to the kids shortly which would make for some interesting lessons. Wonder how I’d write that up. 😉

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      3. Re planning, I couldn’t agree more. We’re always told that planning should be a ‘working document’, and then handed half a small forest to fill in!
        The frog voice is the recurrent curse of a return to work (and talking constantly) – hope it clears up soon. I shall look forward to listening to more of your wonderful collaborations.

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      4. We had a meeting today on ‘tackling bureaucracy’ and only three sheets of paper were involved which I thought was huge progress! Now, if those in a position to do so take account of the areas highlighted, and how to simplify them, we’re onto a winner.
        I’m treating myself to a hauf tonight – for medicinal purposes – see if I can’t burn the bug out. 😉

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