It’s beginning to look like I’ve given up writing poetry but, hey, what are lyrics but poetry set to music?

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it as I’m thoroughly enjoying this foray into writing and singing the lyrics to accompany Johnny’s fabulous music.

He and his lovely wife, Lisa, both put an incredible amount of work into compiling the video.

Where you go I’ll never know,

it’s a dream,

cast alone as a stone

into a stream.

I am void when you’re gone,

just a shell of myself,

you leave me there,

I don’t know where,

when or if I’ll be reborn,

recover soon, without you, my other self.


Why you leave I can’t conceive,

where you go I’ll never know,

into night you have flown

while I lie here all alone,

tie me to you,

take me on the voyage,

where you fly

as I lay here to die,

without you.


Where you go I’ll never know,

it’s a dream,

left alone while you roam

in the realms of a world

that is your home

from waking days,

each night I pray

you will return to me,

I’ll never see what you’ve seen

as I lie here lost to dreams,

beyond the night you have flown

as I die a death alone,

tie me to you,

take me on your voyage,

into night, where you fly,

do not leave me here to die

bring life back to my dreams,

take me with you when you go,

where you fly,

I cannot bear to die alone

on my own, just a shell of myself.

You leave me bare,

I don’t know where, when or if

I’ll be reborn, recover soon,

my death to self.



28 thoughts on “Elegy”

      1. Johnny was like you better be starting a concept for the next one. And I was all like, I need to hear the lyrics and he says, You’ve heard the song! :p


      2. Well, I can send over the lyrics to both shortly. Not to say they won’t change yet when it comes to singing them but it would let you know where I’ve gone with the music. Let me get a cup of tea first and I’ll type them up (I hand write most stuff) then fire them over. 🙂

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  1. I really liked the song and the video. Beautiful voice and lyrics. Who is singing? No wonder your creative poetry writing has waned. There’s only so much creativity we can manage.

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    1. Thanks, Tric, I’ve had a mountain of school work since I started back and not had much time for anything else between that and family – only popping in and out here. Then I was listening to one of Johnny’s musical pieces and a floodgate of words fired out in time to the music. I sang and recorded the piece, sent it to him and we’ve been on a roll ever since. 🙂

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  2. This is a beautifully haunting song, with a lyric that drifted me away to some ethereal place. I love your voice, Anne-Marie, which I always find interesting to listen to, if you catch my drift. LOvely video too.

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    1. Many thanks, Chris. I seem to find Johnny’s music easy to write to – maybe because there are no words there suggesting a story so I get to make one up myself from the title and what I feel when I hear it. I’m certainly enjoying it. I’m glad you did too. Thanks for listening. 🙂

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