Three Is Not A Wish

now and again

you’ll hear a noise

not the croon

of lover’s voice

dulcet tones

in harmony

chirping bird

gurgling brook

soughing leaves

rushing waves

these sweetest


the noise will be

a thump, a bump,

a grating one,

an unexpected


to your ears

you’ll sigh

and swear

and book one

or other piece

of useless


in for repair






how much

what next

crossing fingers

that three

this time

is not a wish

bloody, bloody, buggery car :/




19 thoughts on “Three Is Not A Wish”

      1. Bummer. Not the writing. But lack of sleep and laundry. I’m practising having my minions do their own laundry. Washing for seven is a pain. Hope that particular machine doesn’t give out with the abuse it takes daily.
        Happy writing. I hope you’re not having to work after so little sleep. Been there, done that, not pleasant. :/


      2. I am working today…my last shift from 2 to 11 pm or longer…covering for our other centre. Tomorrow I am having my 2nd grandson over for the first time (my daughter`s new step sons want to get a bit of Nana too). I don’t have the energy or place in my apartment to have all three so I though one at a time they get undivided attention…when I stop working I may be able to do better. I told my daughter and her partner to find a hideaway somewhere and I`ll stay at their house some weekends. Maybe in time that will happen when I no longer work Sundays.

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      3. Oh well, my grands may have ped days but I no longer take time off work for that now…stopped three years ago. I spread my vacation time now to rest. My son is not liking relief staff teaching btw. He is a gym teacher so he has to be available 5 days at one school and only works a few hours each day:( he’s thinking of moving out of province after 17 years teaching since our govt wants to cut back 10,000 teaching jobs. Governments do that to look good for fiscal years and then they hire back 3 to 5 years later. Maybe this is what he needs to travel more:)

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  1. I relate to that, I heard those dulcet tones only last weekend….pouring rain and the sound of my car battery spitting the dummy…flat as a pancake…in the middle of nowhere…a few hours wait for a fix…$250 later…and I was off….way off 😀
    Why is it they always go flat on a wet day? 🙂

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