so build the gallery

we’ll hang

such pictures

colour walls

with hues

too seldom seen

we’ll bask in beauty

found around

so help us

painted scenes

from every place

we’ve ever been

we’ll daub

and dwell a lifetime

ever open



discounted cost



in all its splendours 

so much gained

such sharing

never lost


at the pictures

that we’ve painted

we’ll wonder why

we ever thought

to store


under cover

will astound us

we’ll pull bricks down


never more

a painted vault instead

with sunsets


days ending

then beginning

once again

with paintbrush

in the hands

of many

we’ll wake and see

true beauty




10 thoughts on “Galleria”

  1. It’s lovely, Anne-Marie and the words ‘pull down’ images from my mind. Coincidentally, I am reading this as I open up pictures I took at an orchid farm. The flowers and your poem seem to be telling me the same beautiful story.

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    1. 1999! Jeez! Even I’m not that bad. I’ve been writing like a maniac all night while listening to Scottish humour on youtube and cackling like an auld witch fae Macbeth. Doom and gloom and a right good laugh at the same time. Cannae whack it! 😀

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