Mirrored Images

his clouds became him

gave a gravitas

to shallow depths

his furrowed browline

suggested thought

where he had no thought left

his timbre speaking

that certainty

of nothings that he knew

all delivered

as if every word he said

were always true

his false bonhomie

pretended humour

appealing to the mass

aggrandised buffoon

no heavyweight

a welter of his class

a tangled hotchpotch

of bits of this

and little bits of that

a foppish foolhard


total absence of eclat

his stilted byline

pretender, poseur, politician

ponce for hire

substance lacking

mere mirror of each other

unfit for purpose, fakers, little liars

13 thoughts on “Mirrored Images”

    1. They can be so…so…what’s the word? Churlish? Childish? Selfish? Aggravating? Irresponsible? Petulant? Give me a few days and I’ll check my dictionary for all the words that some politicians convey just by attitude alone before they even open their mouths. God preserve us from arseholes. ‘scuse my French. But, really. It’s a shame to waste several countries on them when we could lump some of them altogether in one location. Is Alcatraz still viable? :/

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  1. I think that there are so many fake people who make false promises and your descriptive words were making me crack up!
    “Foppish foolhard” and “aggrandised buffoon” were such great words that evoke public personal and characters in my mind. 🙂

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