They Come Around


The Scotia Bar

ah, September night

where pints and amber nectar

fuelled affection

fires lit from Canada to Scotland

unhurried hurry to embrace

the shortest time

and make it last

to savour every morsel

from the menu

save reflections

ponder why and how


the heartbreak

of that recent chance lost

such dejection

not without its benefits

no bitterness in ale drunk

the cause not ceased 

we drew upon

the voices shared

the meanings

of connection

ah, September night

we’ll sing again


every vowel

in our song

September nights

they are not ever gone

they come around

In the midst of my quiet exuberance, and later celebration, I was reminded that it was one year ago that I met with one of my amazing blogging buddies, Cole, here in the real life.

I’ve made some wonderful connections in blogland and have, in the past, wondered whether the connection I feel, among those I count as friends here, would be the same if actually met.

The answer is, yes.

Remarkably, wonderfully so.

We people are real.

Maybe, one day, we’ll all meet in The Scotia Bar and grow those connections over a jar or two and take it from there. Slainte!