In Season For A Reason

there’s a voice and a reason and a reason for the season  and the season may very well be now and it’s calling and they’re shouting and the shouting’s growing louder and it’s asking when and where and how

and it’s shouting and it’s crying and the proof is in the people and the people are asking why and why and why, can you hear it, can you feel it, do you know it  when you see it, can you feel it surging, voices do not lie,

they’re asking and i’m asking and we’re wondering and demanding and it’s growing by the minute, by the hour and it’s here and it’s there and it’s tweeting everywhere and folk around are fed up by the same old choir

for they sing the song of death and destruction and disaster and they try oh, how they try to fill our hearts with fear, but hearts and minds have reason and the reason and the season is asking, really? armageddon near?

what of love and truth and the knowledge born of youth, the undisturbed, the uncorrupted view, the simple and straightforward and, yes, the basic facts, that, where they argue, honesty is lacked

our educated young and the chorus raised against the same old, tired old, oh, so very, very old, repeated verse, is a fallacy, delusion, determined on confusion, keep them separated, subjugated, worse,

let them all believe that difference is abhorrent, that mothers, fathers, children, all and everywhere, are somehow out of sync, with all nature, all we need, all we ask for, how we feed, shall we really let them bring us to the brink

there’s a reason and a season and the season may be now and the reason is catching up to lies and, god, I hope it’s true that what we read and do may avert the worst of all, we, all, must most despise


I don’t really ‘do’ Twitter or Facebook although my posts go to both. I’d forgotten how engaged, politically, both are, especially considering my experience of both during the Scottish Referendum campaign. I’ve been negligent. There are so many voices out there speaking for causes that unite people, people just being people, doing what they’re best at. Yeah, there are some total planks. You get that everywhere. But, there are so many Joes and Janes out there, just being human and caring, that I’ve been humbled tonight to be part of their thoughts and arguments.

I’m promising myself that I’ll get back to the level of engagement that I was involved in during the Referendum, that I’ll listen to the pros and cons and follow the links  –  so many of which I could never find on my own.

I don’t know if I’ll manage it – time always being the enemy of intention – but I’ll certainly try.

There’s a reason, I believe, for the existence of these forums at this time – this season of so much unrest and dissatisfaction with what passes for governance worldwide. 

I’m rarely in fashion but I do tend to follow what appeals to my sense of justice and integrity. I find these voices here on WP. I’d forgotten that social media actually has a lot to be said for itself – if you can ignore the bits that don’t appeal.

I’d urge anyone whose interested in what’s going on in the world to do what I have neglected to do for some time. Re-engage. This is the season. And there is a reason. I have no doubt of that after tonight.


21 thoughts on “In Season For A Reason”

  1. This speaks to me more than you know! It totally speaks to my current train of thought! Thank you for this! The voices ARE getting louder and stronger, little by little, it needs to happen…soon….the world is unwell…compassion towards our brothers and sisters is the cure…there is currently not enough of this vaccine to go around and we need to make more…I’m sharing your kind of medicine my friend! xo

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    1. This is what I see, what I read. There is unity that is being ignored. Our governments are not doing what we ask of them. Railroading is the order of the day, it seems. Perhaps, together, we can do more than any machine. We have the capacity. Thank you kindly for the reblog. I hope it goes far and wide, purely for the intention of reaching others of like mind.x

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  2. This is like a call to arms (figuratively speaking), and scans with passion and power. I missed the reference to ‘tonight’, but you are correct, we are continually being fed mistruths and pushed towards the ‘safe ground’ that we are told is best. A return to the politics of passion?

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    1. There’s definitely passion out there, Chris, and loads of sound reasoning. People wisening up to double speak and downright lies. Just wondering whether I’ll be able to keep up with the Twitterfest. I was at it for hours – thoroughly enjoyed it – but that amount of free time is a luxury I’d have to spread around a bit. 🙂

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      1. Thanks, Chris. Finished up on Friday for a week. Bliss. Can’t believe how hectic that last term was. I was desperate for the break. There is way too much rubbish goes with the job. Yours will be here in a flash as mine finishes. Then I should be off to pastures new shortly.

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      2. Area cover. I move around once I’ve covered a leave. This one’s due to finish beginning of November. Then who knows where? One of about twenty-odd schools. Keeps life interesting. 😉

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