The Revolution

Record Spinning on Turn Table

Record Spinning On Turntable )

pincered digits

pivot arm

thread needle

gingerly, my

sleeveless apology


at crackles

careless handling

i was the revolution

i intone

among the glory notes

i was the revolution

now disdained

to silver’d discs

apoplectic pods

that overflow




content you forget

you dust me down

appreciate the memories

and return me to my shelf

where we, the others,

whisper technology

and await

new revolution

it always comes around



16 thoughts on “The Revolution”

  1. Funny, we were only talking about this the other day, what with a (rather expensive) return of vinyl. Now, I’m not one to decry technology – I love the fact that I can have so much music with me at all times, can shuffle my collection and have playlists of my favourites – but there was always a special and physical relationship between an LP and its purchaser which has, I feel, been lost, particularly now that we can ‘invisibly’ download music. There was something about touchimg the sleeve, pulling out the inner and touching the vinyl which no longer exists. And what happened to reading the lyric as you listened? Fine.words, Anne-Marie.

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    1. I’m the same, Chris. Same with my kindle too. It’s great to have something so convenient and that stores so much at hand – easily portable. But there’s something quite special about the multi-sensory appeal of both books and records. All that you describe above. And the smell. Yeah, I sniff things. :/ Doesn’t work so well with technology. Not that I’ve tried. Well, just the once. And was very disappointed. I had no idea vinyl was making a comeback. So glad I didn’t get shot of the albums and singles. Pays to keep some things. 🙂

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  2. I have only junior high and high school 45’s but they have a few fun ones that work well with the crackles, like Johnny Cash with, “A Boy Named Sue” and ” What is Truth?” Don’t they “age me? Did you see my “Feelin’ Groovy” post where I was heading to a dance at the senior center? 🙂 You may like it, not sure. . .

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    1. My husband’s a few years older than me so we have records that practically predate vinyl! I enjoyed your post but was gutted for you that the event was cancelled. Maybe they need someone with a blog and some computer savvy to organise the next one. There’s a reason you’re there and it’s not seniority. 🙂


  3. And now I miss my vinyl even more… hope to be able to dig it all out soon. There’s nothing like those familiar cracks and pops. Especially when paired with a well-loved actual book. Need to get at all those boxes soon!

    Lovely, evocative lyric, A-M. xo

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