Thinking November

I have the absolute cheek to have just signed up for National Novel Writing Month 2015. With last year’s novel still incomplete in edit, what exactly am I thinking?

Truthfully, I’m thinking that I am a great procrastinator, that I would be awful in the military life because I can’t take orders – even from myself, apparently.

However, I’m also thinking that this time last year I hadn’t even signed up to commit to 50,000 words in a month but I did it in the end.

I’m thinking that I knew the first book had a sequel as I was writing it and it seems daft not to get that down, considering it’s been mulling away in the background.

I’m thinking that I may be sorry to commit to this once again, especially as I obviously hate editing – unless it’s other people’s – just like the writing it down part.

I’m thinking, though, that I have nothing to lose and that I might even manage more of the edit on the first while working on the second because I’ll be so immersed in it again.

I’m thinking that I’m about to move school again in a couple of weeks and that could mean more or less work. And I don’t know which.

I’m thinking, ‘Oh,shit, why am I even letting others know?’

And, mostly, I’m thinking, blogging is one thing, Anne-Marie, but why exactly did you start that in the first place if not to actually gain the confidence to write that book you always knew you would.

Right now, I’m thinking why am I talking about myself in the third person? I hate that.

Frankly, I don’t really know what I’m thinking.

But I’m inclined to share my thoughts, sure or otherwise. So here you have them.

Last year, I swore off blogging during the week to make sure I focused on Nano. It was hard to let go of the reins. Your blog’s like your baby. Well, I think it is. You kind of nurture it along and watch it grow.

Last year, I had tremendous help from guest bloggers who made sure my baby was fed and watered. You know who you are. I don’t know if I’ll be able to let the reins go so completely this time – I’m a born mum – but I would be grateful for offers.

I spoke this over with my family last night. Mixed reception.

‘You haven’t finished editing the first one!’ D’uhh, I know.

‘Does that mean you’ll be holed up in your office again for a whole month?’ Thought that was a bonus for them, myself.

‘Do it, Mum!’ I think I’m gonna.

‘Whatever makes you happy.’ Thanks, hon.

So, I’ve registered. Another one of my not-thought-this-through-type-of-plans-that-I-don’t-make.

I might even try to plan this time – I’ve got nearly two whole weeks before it begins. Loadsa time. :/

So, this is by way of being my notification that I’ve enlisted. About to take orders from myself again. Someone has to keep me in check in the absence of a sergeant-major, I’m thinking.


24 thoughts on “Thinking November”

    1. Yup, and it’s one of the biggest rooms in the house. School stuff, household stuff, writing stuff, record player, books, couch, even a single bed in case I feel like pulling an all-nighter! Can’t fit everything in the garage you know. 😉

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  1. I say, just write it and who cares about editing? Just run a spell check from time to time. Get your thoughts down and that book will write itself. I hate it when I have to take orders from myself because I am really harsh and cranky and do a lot of auto-barking. But, A-M, you are such a clever writer, you owe it to the world to just let it flow! That’s my two pfennigs.

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  2. I don’t worry about editing while I’m writing, I just let it pour out. It’s the after drudgery that makes me feel I’m back at school. I can look at other people’s work and make recommendations but my own, ugh! Having said that, I’ve taken onboard some excellent advice on how to go about the editing which is such a different skill set from writing itself – what I’ve been doing wrongly, I think. Dare I say some methods might even be fun? Not quite sure yet.
    Thank you so much for the encouragement, Beth. I guess we’re never, any of us, quite sure if we’ve got what it takes to go the whole hog, if the story will work. I do so enjoy the writing part though so I’m going for it despite trepidations.
    I’d be delighted if you were able to post some of your blog posts. I don’t know that we share so many of the same readers so it would be a wonderful chance for people here to see your photos and work.x


  3. Go momus! 🙂 What’s it’s name? The Glastonbury Chronicles, I taught a generation? Or maybe….Swiss Politics, the holes in political ineptitude? I’m sure that would get the writing marbles going 🙂
    If I may assist in posting let me know….I’ll be good….promise 😀

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    1. I’ll Swiss cheese you! My working title is Evolved – a sequel to Awakened. Might finish with Asleep. 😉 There will be a measure of politics – all life is political – it is futuristic insofar as these things haven’t happened yet. Neither has the writing, right enough. So, we’ll see. And, yes, it would be grand if you could guest. 🙂 That will be a load off – not needing to worry about my baby. 😉

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