BST – Over Before It Started

I missed the extra minute this year

But caught the hour

Woke to find it waiting for me

Ticking, hither, come

I’ve almost spent it

Sixty minutes

If time is lending, I’m in the market

Blast! It’s done….


Given what an elusive commodity time always seems to be for me – for many of us – the extra hour afforded into this morning is a joy. I forgot until I remembered! Sweet. Spent it blog reading in bed with my caffeine fix. Luxury in its simplest form. I won’t think about the fact that I have to pay it back. :/


In The Lime Light – Paul F. Lenzi / Poesy plus Polemics

A rare insight into the man behind the words.



Yes, it’s the weekend at last and time, once again, for an In The Lime Light spotlight…(YAY!! the crowd goes wild!!) Please allow me to Introduce (If you don’t already know him from his amazing poetry) Paul F. Lenzi of Poesy plus Polemics blog: (stop right here and go visit…we’ll wait. No really, you won’t be disappointed, I swear!)

Welcome Back 😉 And getting back to Paul, via his own words: “I am the father of three adult children, each of whom holds my undying love and irrepressible pride. Grandfather of eleven heartwarming youngsters, whom I can never see often enough. One of the early baby boomer generation. Retired Manhattan insurance company executive. Lifelong resident of New Jersey until retiring to rural New Hampshire in 2005. A first generation American born to Italian immigrant parents. Rutgers University alumnus: philosophy, ethics and political science. A proud member of the Academy…

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