BST – Over Before It Started

I missed the extra minute this year

But caught the hour

Woke to find it waiting for me

Ticking, hither, come

I’ve almost spent it

Sixty minutes

If time is lending, I’m in the market

Blast! It’s done….


Given what an elusive commodity time always seems to be for me – for many of us – the extra hour afforded into this morning is a joy. I forgot until I remembered! Sweet. Spent it blog reading in bed with my caffeine fix. Luxury in its simplest form. I won’t think about the fact that I have to pay it back. :/

10 thoughts on “BST – Over Before It Started”

  1. It’s been a fabulously relaxing morning, not to mention the fact that last night was equally as relaxing knowing I’d a full hour more to do very little. Now for the rest of the day.

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    1. Great, wasn’t it? Could do with it everyday. Meet ourselves coming back eventually. Now on to the tasks at hand. Shopping for me. :/ Sometimes I hate food. Ge get it, pack it, pay for it, load it, unload it, cook it. Not to mention thinking meals up!


    1. I never do it till the next day. Not that it would make much difference. All the clocks here are wonky for some reason. New batteries don’t work. Time’s out to get me and I’m running. Not fast enough, apparently. 😉

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    1. I’m now speculating the notion of setting my alarm an hour earlier each day just to have that glorious feeling daily. Need to get to bed an hour earlier, right enough. Not my forte. Me and late nights go way back. :/


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