Silver Turrets, Glacial Pillars

silver turrets

glacial pillars

mist around

a castle barely there

whispered voices


elusive valley

lost in mountains bare

enchanted hillsides

clouded rivers

vague departed

souls in coves and glens

tinkled laughter

those in knowing

dispatched from here

pale figures lived again

he and she there

those and them found

poor and paltry

rich and in between

past and present

glimpse of future

‘mid turrets, pillars

lives of all who’ve been

time entrapment

rooms revisited

sepulchre of spectres

seen before

craggy mansions

fog enshrouded

silver turrets

glacial pillars, evermore

vapour’d currents

earth, wind and fire

electrified in fields

still disbelieved

sparked by life-force

charged with purpose

redolent with birth and death

awake to unconceived

murdered, muted


battle-wearied, shunned

the exodus

fled and fleeing

faith and courage

surrendered souls

in sickness and mistrust

silver turrets, glacial pillars

lost and found 

the almost

nearly there

heaths, lush landscapes

hearts hardened, frozen

hope harkens 

in the dale beyond despair 


silver turrets

glacial pillars

whispered voices soothe

from castles, truths compare