#SomewhereInMyHeart – A Christmas Advert

Brought a tear to my eyes thinking on who should all be remembered in the coming weeks.

Steve McSteveface

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 19.05.46

It’s that time of year when all the Christmas adverts start appearing on our TV. Usually, I look forward to the John Lewis advert but it was quite disappointing. Some might say I was unfair in my review of it but I’m not a Scrooge or trying to be controversial – I just didn’t care for it.

What have I done instead? I’ve put Christmas, charity, heart strings and music all into one big pot, mixed them up and created my own Christmas advert!

I don’t ever claim to be an expert at this type of thing but I do enjoy it. So, here it is my Christmas advert – #SomewhereInMyHeart…

What do you think?

All I did was take existing material and mixed it up a little. I’d like to thank The Gatsby Club,Roddy Frameand Siobhan Wilson – I hope they don’t mind too much…


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