Head For The Oasis

I’ll give you all you need to start your journey

Supplies, a match or two, some common sense,

A firmament to steer by and some worries

To keep you from complacency or sitting on the fence.

There isn’t any hurry, you will get there,

The road is winding, there are stops for rest,

I’ll drop in, time to time, to check your passage,

All I want is you should try to steer your best.

Sometimes you’ll see monsters but forget them,

Mirages, all, in desert where you roam,

Oasis is the spot where we will gather

And from there I’ll lead you all the way back home.

Enjoy the time, there will not be another

First and last will have the same reward,

It’s not a race, I hate the competition,

Now off you go, god bless, you have my word.



Legends In Lost Valley

Petrified in valley of the lost

like legends stood

Mutations of the mountains harboured

nothing that was good

Spat forth for a vengeance

from the bowels of the earth

Practised patience outwith time

awaiting secret birth

To ponder into places where no man

knew their name

To mix and match and mortify

heartless just the same

As when erupted from the fire

secreted way down deep

Sadists raised, sadistic birthed

humanity to reap

See them, hear them, guess their names

spot them in your lives

Could be neighbour, brother, child

could be someone’s wife

Loiter in the valley still

changing as they must

See all evil, do all evil

undermine all just

Petrified though once they were

characters of stone

Hills will call them back in time

to answer and atone