No Confidence Invoked

How would you have me tell these children

How to prep for life yet preserve youth

Should I tell them all the ways we love each other

Or reveal the awful with each truth


Should I tell them of the Flanders Field still growing

Gift them euphemisms for the cause

Sublimate the knowing, temper answers

Opt out with some version, ‘just because’


Should I tell them that, for all our evolution,

We haven’t found a way yet to exist

That sometimes there will be betrayal from a lover

Served with honey and a tender kiss


Shall I tell them that adults are a throwback

Dinosaurs that still believe in myths

Legends, including every dragon

Will they trust us still when knowing all of this


Will children, with their foresight and their fairness

Decree no confidence, invoke that law

Every right they would have, let’s start over,

I’ve seen it, just repeating what foresaw




Pick Your No’s

So, this past week, the weather here has been dire. Headlights on at three o’clock. All sorts of shit plummeting from skies the colour of mink. Kids in all day in the classroom in case they keel over from water exposure. Add in a full moon. High winds. Mental. Truly, it’s a thing. Kids and weather. And full moons.

My own youngest came into my sanctuary a few minutes ago – now gone 8p.m.- begging to go outside with the girl across the road. To play! Ffs!

I said yes.

It’s dark o’clock, thunder just rumbled, I can hear them squealing. Having a ball, apparently.

Nope. I don’t get it either.

But kids and weather. It’s really a thing.

I know. Been teaching for nigh on thirty years. Seven of my own. And, guaranteed, if it’s a sunny day, they want to shelter from the heat, play Minecraft and get on your mammaries. Underfoot for the hell of it.

Snow. Wind. Rain. Let me at it!

She’s just come back in – this second – ruddy-cheeked, happy as a pig in the proverbial, high as a kite. But not nearly as high as if I’d said no.

Sometimes no is the wrong word. I know. Take it from me. Pick your no moments.




Now Chill

Take a wallflower

Take a disco

Take a strobe light

Take a dress

Take a clubhouse

Or a pubhouse

Fling some jeans on

Look a mess

Take a small gig at the local

Take a concert in a hall

Take some earphones in your bedroom

Take some time out one and all

Add a bass line, add a tempo

Add a whatever-you-will

Add a wine glass or a beer stein

It’s Friday….now chill!

Try a foot tap, try a headbang

Try a what-is-this-song???!!!

Try a yes-man-I-love-this!

Try a-singing-along

Feel the rhythm, feel the gut-feel!

Feel the hey-I’m-alright!

Feel the music, feel the lyrics!

Now, with me, outtasight!!!

Be the weekend, be the wine glass

Be the type-till-you’re-done

Be the writer, be the wordsmith

Be the singer, be the song

Can you guess it, can you feel it

Can you know that right here

It’s been a long week, such a long week

But now I’m filled with good cheer.

Happy weekend punters!

I do wish I’d stop singing, ‘sparing his life for his mom’s sausages’ at that bit, but it’s been stuck there for about forty years. And it fits. 😉