Pick Your No’s

So, this past week, the weather here has been dire. Headlights on at three o’clock. All sorts of shit plummeting from skies the colour of mink. Kids in all day in the classroom in case they keel over from water exposure. Add in a full moon. High winds. Mental. Truly, it’s a thing. Kids and weather. And full moons.

My own youngest came into my sanctuary a few minutes ago – now gone 8p.m.- begging to go outside with the girl across the road. To play! Ffs!

I said yes.

It’s dark o’clock, thunder just rumbled, I can hear them squealing. Having a ball, apparently.

Nope. I don’t get it either.

But kids and weather. It’s really a thing.

I know. Been teaching for nigh on thirty years. Seven of my own. And, guaranteed, if it’s a sunny day, they want to shelter from the heat, play Minecraft and get on your mammaries. Underfoot for the hell of it.

Snow. Wind. Rain. Let me at it!

She’s just come back in – this second – ruddy-cheeked, happy as a pig in the proverbial, high as a kite. But not nearly as high as if I’d said no.

Sometimes no is the wrong word. I know. Take it from me. Pick your no moments.





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  1. By the way, you Scots have got a lot to answer for: some bright spark on our SMT saw the piece about a school in Scotland which has got its kids running everyday. Not to seem behind the fashion we’re now out each day running around for 10 minutes. Now I’m not one to ask the children to do anything that I wouldn’t do, so on came the trainers. Eight days in and I’m nursing a very sore calf (and I don’t mean cow)! I’m holding you personally responsible! Where there’s blame…

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    1. Been there, done that, threw the trainers in the bin! Unless they’re following Lothians and Borders ( they’re always a bit out of whack!) we’re just on to two PE sessions a week in whatever shape or form. Extreme dodge ball this week for one. Don’t ask! :/

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