Lost It

If you find it will you tell it we’ve been looking,

We lost it way back when, we can’t tell where,

We’ve turned out drawers and rooms and cupboards,

Searched for what is lost, most everywhere.

Widened search, we’ve ventured into corners,

Darkened places, depths we cannot own,

Into caves and cloisters, we’ve gone seeking,

Through passageways we’ve wandered and intoned –

Are you there, we’ve pled, reveal your hiding,

Conceal no longer, let us find you please –

High and low and on our knees and prostrate

We’ve begged, cajoled and cried out heartfelt pleas.

Everywhere we’ve gone, in all our searching,

A vague, unearthly voice, just out of reach,

Has whispered in our soul – keep right on searching,

You’ll find it in the end, it’s well worth finding,

You’ll know it by the lessons that I teach –

Light would help, a torch, a candle, matches,

A glimmer in the dark illuminates,

One star to steer by, even its reflection,

It’s waiting, oh, how patiently it waits.

If you find it will you tell it we’re all looking,

A legion that have lost it in the dark,

Somewhere in the past we lost our future,

If you find it pass it on or leave one vital spark.