Workers For The Kingdom



How she danced upon resistance across the silken threads,
Lighter than a touch of air on downy feathered heads,
Gliding as a skater while ravelling her tales,
Doomed by pride, but reconciled, to weaving as she sails.

Circumnavigation from the centre to a ledge,
Round again, rotating, with a pivot, to the edge,
Godliness decreed it so, to scuttle, words her theft,
Alas, Arachne’s fall from grace continues until death.

Delicately balanced as she looms and pirouettes,
Vestigial veracity in the web she weaves, and yet,
Fine interlace, in gaps of truth, reveals her potency,
In need, she purloins captives, with her poison sets them free.

Spinneret fandangoes, unknotted in prowess,
Gossamer to gild the lines, the fabric of her dress,
Fascination’s failte, with her welcome, bids you come,
Fealty to the widow, to her mourning, now succumb.

Denigrated damsel by belittled deity,
Resuscitated for her skill, the likes of you and me,
Workers for the kingdom, in the balance as we step,
Tailors to the weavers to repay a single debt.



25 thoughts on “Workers For The Kingdom”

      1. It’s only when I’m asleep and you wake up with one of the blighters crawling across your face 😀
        And over here, they ARE very big…the huntsman can get to 4 or 5 inches across…and believe me, you wake up very quickly.
        And the funny part about it is, by the time you turn the light on to find it…no one can find it anywhere. It’s as big as a house but disappears like magic.
        Try to go back to sleep knowing that is still cruising around inside your bedroom somewhere 😀


      2. And what I really can’t understand is….they are huge, how do they get inside. There isn’t a crack big enough for a flea to get through, yet this hairy great thing is wandering inside at will.
        Or even worse, it came in at a very tiny size….and it has been wandering around inside forever…how many times has it tip toed across my face…and I unknowing thinking it is a feather brushing across my face in a dream….and smiled at it 😀

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  1. Anne-Marie, this is one of the best poems I have ever read. Seriously, you are just exceeding your usual excellence. And, I too love spiders. We encourage them at our house because they keep the insect pest population in check. What an elegant, rhyming, vivid poem. I am speechless.

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    1. Aw, thank you, Beth, that’s such a compliment. I don’t kill them either. Like you, I think they do a good job in keeping other insects at bay. Try telling some of my kids that though. The screams can be heard for miles. :/


      1. I have to agree there ramblingsfromamum, they are way too dangerous over here, it’s a them or us.
        We have too many species that can take you to the grave so we have to protect ourselves a little bit 🙂

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