Little Pods Of Lots

so you gave a little

took a little

little was enough


it maximised

love and all that stuff

little was the knowing

little were the ways

little chance to see much through

in all those little days

seedlings planted

little pods

of lots – capacity –

loving growth

from little words

from me

to you

to me




4 thoughts on “Little Pods Of Lots”

  1. What a beautiful poem. Because it sounds so real. It is real 🙂 I hope you stop by my poems and criticize mine. I aim to be better at writing too!

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    1. I’ll make a point of it. I’ve been neglecting just about all blog reading this month while tackling Nano but I’m in the home stretch now so nearly good to get back to normal business. Thanks for dropping by and your lovely comment. 🙂

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