Lay Love

Lay love, if honestly, for who needs petals,

petals wilt and die,

as so they must,

lay love upon the earth, where life is buried,

love returns to source,

as all, to dust.

Lay love where’er we visit, who needs roses,

flowers fade away

like coloured time,

lay love upon each head, before the tombstones,

‘ere the death, lay love,

most potent sign.

The legacy was love, who mentioned flowers,

flowers are forgotten,

turn to seed,

lay love, upon each passing, before passing,

love’s wreath is all t’was asked for,

all we need.


8 thoughts on “Lay Love”

  1. This is such a lovely way of expressing appropriate responses to losing a loved one. “Lay love,” wonderful!
    I have said “no cut flowers” since they need to be plants to keep on living for the family to take home and plant. . . My grandpa’s wish in 1980. ♡


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