#SomewhereInMyHeart – A Christmas Advert

Brought a tear to my eyes thinking on who should all be remembered in the coming weeks.

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It’s that time of year when all the Christmas adverts start appearing on our TV. Usually, I look forward to the John Lewis advert but it was quite disappointing. Some might say I was unfair in my review of it but I’m not a Scrooge or trying to be controversial – I just didn’t care for it.

What have I done instead? I’ve put Christmas, charity, heart strings and music all into one big pot, mixed them up and created my own Christmas advert!

I don’t ever claim to be an expert at this type of thing but I do enjoy it. So, here it is my Christmas advert – #SomewhereInMyHeart…

What do you think?

All I did was take existing material and mixed it up a little. I’d like to thank The Gatsby Club,Roddy Frameand Siobhan Wilson – I hope they don’t mind too much…


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Nature’s Kitchen

She seared the pan with juices born of struggle Flavoured it with flesh trimmed from her breast
Stirred the mix and waited till it bubbled
Then slowly added in all of the rest

A little bit of jealousy and temper     A smidgen of the time when words went wrong
Peppered it with points of view disparate
And, while it simmered, Mother sang the self-same song

Some differences to test the truth of loving   Let’s give them colour, creed and poverty
I’ll add a touch of sexual persuasion
Ugliness and beauty that some see

Throw in power and grace and favour Some grievances that keep the cauldron hot
Maybe just a little deviation
Bugger it, I’ll throw in the whole lot

She cackled and she laughed with mirth and struggled
This shouldn’t be so much fun, was what she thought
I ought to love them more than what I’m showing
I’d better put compassion in the pot

Bugger me, she thought, when elbow hit pan
Too much, too little, I may never know
Sod it, now it’s in, I’ll wait and wonder
Some virtual reality for show

I’ll dish it up and dine with them and challenge
From what I’ve seen they like that quite the best
Quizzes, feats of fortune with some bloodlust
My children seem to like being put to test

Oh shit, I nearly left out loving kindness
A mother ought to give that, even some
I’ve given it before and they rejected
But still, I think I should, I’m almost done

I’ll sit out here while pot’s on simmer
I’ll think about these children, ingrates all
Gave them all I had and were they thankful
Not nearly quite enough, and some, not quite at all

The sun set while the mother prayed some
Evil wasn’t part of recipe
But if that’s what they wanted for their dinner
She guessed she had to serve it before tea

In Between

one bank drifted to the left

with speed it hurried

an easterly they said

 i think it was

while up above

another took its leisure

westerly apace

with its own cause

in between  

i caught a glimpse of something

edged with silver

going its own way

an isolated drift

that took its measure

free from currents

fragmented cloud at play

i smiled a bit

then smiled again


that in between

can sometimes be the best

free from pressure

or maybe just unknowing

a vapour of the sky

a soul at rest

i reckoned that i knew that 

cloud formation

formatted by itself

a maverick

i watched until it disappeared

still smiling

and knew i’d shared

a tiny bit of it

In Other Days

Would you hold my hand and lead me through

the glens that we once roamed

In other days, before we met, 

and voices called us home

Would you wrap your arms around me

as once I wrapped you in my shawl

And knowing that we’d meet again

would be best dream of all

Shall we savour moonlit walks once more

while yet our souls take flight

And will patience be our watchword

we two guardians of the night

Unforgotten mem’ries writ in starlight

show our way

Will you hold my hand and lead, my love,

back to heaven’s yesterday

Pleading The 5th

 If you chance upon a bonfire in your travels

as you go

Would you ask the guy upon it some things

folk would like to know

Has perspective from his vantage

changed his mind one bit

Or does view above the gallows

convince him right of it

Was it treason, treachery or a fight

for freedom bid

Would he try again to be shot of them,

politicians, all well rid

Were voices raised in passion but denied

a listening ear

Did he do it with a brave heart or a soul

choke-filled with fear

Did desperation drive him and does he think

we’ve learned a thing

About method and its madness, the results

some actions bring

Would they better listen now to the cries

of human rights

Or is power the same oppressor

the same old history to fight

Was it carelessness or vengeance that denied

his V for victory

Were there moments he regretted when

admitted he his plea

Was he guilty of the horror of a terrorist


Was there quite no other way to go, all other options,

had they flown

Does he take November note of fireworks

and blast them all to hell

Was he demon, daring hero or a

roguish ne’erdowell

In your travels, if you see him, would you

ask the guy on fire

If the pyre is worth the burning, would he,

yet again, conspire

While they lift his carcass high to brilliant

colours in the sky

If you see him as you’re passing would you ask him

if again he’d try

Was persecution, bigotry

rife on both the sides

And does he see more clearly from on high, please

ask him to confide

If no answer is forthcoming from that effigy

they lift

Tell him hindsight colours history and let him

plead the fifth.

Those Days



those mottled days

pricked insistence

of the thorned flesh

those nettled days 

that itch unbearably

vented droplets oozing

life’s evaporation

those barbs of penetration




please, bleed the more

and once upon a story

let extraction

spill the trickle

let it pour, so feed

the need 

and grasp, the while,

the sapped relief

in application

of an age-old remedy

those writing days

their itch unbearable

themselves their therapy

those days


Sorry, can’t stop to comment. I’m on a Nano roll. Thought I’d leave a little working summary. Play guess the plot. 😉

Came they, clothed in softness, quite unique and freely blessed,
Gifted, given gladly, in full knowledge, acquiesced,
Turned a tide of thinking, feeling, saw, enriched the rest,
Gave it up and gave their all, born for nothing less.
How to save a planet, how to rebirth what was left,
In sacrifice, their lives bestowed, families saved, bereft,
Quietened in reason, quelled they, the cruelty fest,
In innocence, in all they knew, beings fit for test.