Let’s Chew Gum

Let’s fling fuel on the fire

Stand right back, watch it burn,

Let’s all hope that missiles and bullets

Know which way to turn.

Let’s all pray that mass destruction

Stays far away from here,

Let’s all be brave from a distance,

Fan those flames, show no fear.

Let’s cover their cries with a pop song,

Drown their tears with a gin,

Let’s do some Christmas shopping,

Let’s all concentrate on him.

Let’s buy Jesus an x-box,

Call of Duty would suit him well,

Let’s make sure to be good Christians

Or we might go straight to hell.

Let’s all get our priorities straight,

Buy shares in industry,

Armaments and camouflage,

Now turn on our TV.

Let’s all watch some chewing gum,

Drain our moral code,

Let’s all believe that what we do

Comes gospelled via God.

Let’s all do what Albert said,

Repeat, repeat, don’t learn,

Let’s fling fuel till we raze the lot,

Insanity, asylum.

La,la,la, some chewing gum,

Play station and a game,

Let’s all grab a life controller,

Virtual, reality, all the same.



10 thoughts on “Let’s Chew Gum”

      1. Not sure it’s all that rational… I am enraged. And leaving out words when I leave comments, apparently. Interestingly it was the word ‘words’ I forgot in my comment up there ^^^ Need to take a breather- or a swig of something strong- before I post, it would seem. xo


  1. Seems like, once again, we are damned either way. It’s disturbing that I have seen this behaviour (thankfully rarely) at school where a child takes a stance which makes it impossible to rationalise with them. Sometimes I wonder if some people are hard-wired to be incapable of tolerance and empathy.

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