Winter Woes!

bear hibernating


Find your way out of December

it’s cold

 it’s dark

and it’s grey

it follows right on from November

chasing the autumn away



It leads to one of least favourite


that hole

in the year

where nothing is right, dark swallows the light

and adds another age to my years



February, I thole, with its promise

that the

herald of March

will blow in

buffet the cobwebs of winter

soon April will bring again spring

Kinshaldy beach


May might still feel like winter


not noted

for sun

but I hang on, with hope, in these dark days

that June or July will bring some

autumn in scotland


Failing the former, the latter,



give us a break

failing a summer then autumn

September, October, I’ll take

grumpy santa


But stuff the months of midwinter

with their birthdays

and dark days

and shit

Bah, humbug to winter’s

crap weather

don’t like it one little bit



Should have been born in the hot lands

or taught

to at least


I’d gather in nuts and milk chocolate

a pot of tea and just wait



Till daylight returns to the heartlands

till heart

has thawed

or dried out

any season but winter

hate it without any doubt!

20 thoughts on “Winter Woes!”

  1. Watch what you wish for momus 🙂
    I’ll send some of this golden sunshine over, but beware, we’ve been getting 40C already, and it’s still only the third day of summer…it might make you feel a bit toasty over there 😀
    But lets put it this way, we don’t suffer from that Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D. the letters say it perfectly), from lack of light.
    Love and light (literally), to brighten your hibernation 🙂

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  2. You capture well the myriad facets of the seasons, Anne Marie! They seem to pass as quickly as your words – older = faster= 😦 Oh, well, c’est la vie. Enjoy the holidays – may the brighten the gloom 🙂

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  3. Well, I love winter, if we would only have one, but I have to admit January is a bit of a letdown. I hope to sleep the whole month. Great post with your usual brilliant insights, Anne-Marie, expressed so succinctly, not one more thought is needed. xx

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    1. Sleep is definitely on the agenda. I’m wiped! Winter solstice brings a psychological boon for me – just need to see the lighter days appearing. Might need to do a spot of that hibernating till then! Many thanks, as always, Beth, for such positive comments.x


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