The Flow



it flowed to me

through endless turns and twists

it found a way

it persevered 

eroded my objections

i caused delays

it channelled on

between the rocks and crevices

it sluiced and swerved

it cleared my muddied mind

gave absolution


i flowed to it

in deviated routes

i never guessed

that as i sought

it sought me back

while i digressed

it comes and goes

a merging now and then

a confluence

i veer away

it flows on still

in my defence

it ribbons

through my life

i did not know

that where i wandered

stumbled as i went

flow always flowed

it brings me back

it carries when i let it

i should let it more

that mellow

fluid friend

that knows my core

20 thoughts on “The Flow”

  1. and here’s me seeing the flow with your Divine Self… merging with your Human Self… and hey what do you know water is the feminine aspect that takes up most part of our world… love to you and keep flowing… Barbara x

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