Try not to write when you’re angry

Try not to write when you’re drunk

Try not to write when you’re shattered, depleted,

Down in the dumps, in a funk.

Try not to write on shittiest days,

When crap pours down, all about,

Try not to write when your week’s been fubar’d

Beyond any shadow of doubt.

Instead take a coke and the healthiest hauf

Into your den, play some games,

Whatever you do, don’t write a word,

Or, at least, don’t spill any names.

Try not to write until you’re retired,

Then spill the lot and be damned,

Try not to write, no pack drill required,

Just try, I’m trying, goddamn.


20 thoughts on “Enlisted”

      1. That’s the hard part….you have to give yourself permission first 😀
        We are so entrenched in giving because we feel we have to….but we forget to give to that one person that really matters 🙂

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