Birthing Words

I feel obliged to write you with my reasons,

though they wane and wax with time, there’s constancy,

nothing can surpass the words 

if, even sleeping,

they drift and drone and beg, oh, please, choose me!

I shush them when, in real-life mode, I’m enacting

fulfillment of the roles I must obey,

I try to shun them, tell them, wheesht! I’m working

Do they listen? Not a word that I can say.

They tease, torment and test me with their pullings,

This way, that, o’er here, oh, Anne-Marie, please look at me.

Dismissal doesn’t work, I’ve tried, they never listen,

I jot them down for my posterity.

I’ll come to you, I say, when I have finished, 

the workload that demands so much of my time,

I’ll hear you better when the pressure’s off me,

Like children, they just sulk then whine on constantly.

I must admit, I’d miss them if they left me,

They start my day and end it with their charm

And even though they tug, torment and taunt me,

They never really do me any harm.

I love them, they’re my children, 

Add to seven,

the words that birth themselves and beg me, please,

feed me, fill me, love me, never leave me.

I resign myself to mother of all these.

You’ve got to love this place. Even when I’m ignoring it as much as I can to do what I have to, it sneaks in. Checking through a bunch of emails that I’m also trying to ignore till I’ve, at least, wrapped the feckin’ presents, I come across this one, leading to this one that takes me back to this one and spawns this one.

I can be accused of many things – a tendency to leaving things to the last minute being chiefly noticeable at this particular time – next year I’ll start in September, like some of the folks in my school. Who wraps Christmas presents in October? Does this mean that they have Easter sorted too? Booked their summer holiday?

I seem to remember that my essays always got in on time. But usually after an all-nighter. Each to their own comes to mind. But this might be why I’m still shopping, haven’t wrapped a single present other than the lucky dip for school, will hit some stores tomorrow, god-help-me, and enlist the help of my fourteen-year-old wrapping elf.

I can’t, however, be accused of being short on words – check my posts. Haiku? I wish. I’m missing my writing time so badly that I’m dreaming the bloody words again. Noted for future reference. Driving to work has become a memory test. Repeat, repeat, repeat till I can note.

Ain’t it great though, that words demand of us? That’s kind of what Charles was talking about, I think. It’s like words are truly born – and I know what that’s like! Including one emergency caesarian with the last. Some are easy, some not so much so, some require intervention. But, after the birth, you look and say, I know you. I’ve always known you.

My kids – my real babes – are sorted for Christmas. I just have to make sure to take time to tend to the ones that keep on crying. Love takes many forms.

Merry Christmas all you lovely folk. I may be back before you know it. Or I might be burning the venison, cursing the carols (don’t you just get sick of the same ones?!)

Feck it! When my crew are all sated, from too much of me, I’ll be loving my orphans.

Won’t we all! Mothers and fathers to words.

Your words are a gift. I thank you for them.

They’re also your gift to yourself. Open them every day.

Christmas-gift-certificate-template a

Words are made flesh and live among us.


18 thoughts on “Birthing Words”

  1. For both you and I words are very much the tools of our trade, both at work and at play, Anne-Marie. Hope you have a great holiday and that the new year is good to you. Keep the thoughts flowing. All the best and take care. Chris


  2. Words are powerful. They can bind us or recreate us. Yes, words are gifts that can change our lives. Wishing you a joyous holiday with Christmas carols: gifts from the past.


  3. And you constantly give birth to some very loving words Anne-Marie. They are always hugged and accepted with the love that they were given over here 🙂
    Now love YOU….start in October, it is way less stressful 😀
    Merry Christmas to you, and all those family members that I have come to know and love also through here, may it be a beautiful time. Blessings to you all ❤

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    1. Oh, I could never begin in October, Mark. It might be sensible but I don’t operate so far in advance! Got there just the same though. 😉
      Thanks, as always, for your support and friendship, Mark and best wishes for the New Year.x

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      1. Yes, it is a bit early, plus it just doesn’t feel the same to buy things without the ‘excitement’ of the time (or maybe that’s the problem 🙂 )
        My pleasure Anne-Marie, and I thank you also for pleasuring my senses, encouraging my words and just being a great friend come hell or high water 😀 (Mind you, you guys are seriously getting flooded out over there (for the second time), I hope that it is starting to recede and allowing people to get back to normal).
        You also have a great New Year, may the fireworks lighten the darkness and brighten your world for the future. Love and light from ‘over here’ 😀

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      2. You’ve obviously sent some sunshine, Mark. It’s a glorious day here despite the forecast (touching wood!) Some parts of the UK have been hammered with rain and are suffering as a result. Although it has poured here, we’re fine – no flooding – although the Clyde has risen a fair few feet.
        Having a few days of serious relaxation before ne’erday when, I hope, I’ll see a few fireworks, sing a few songs and have an earlyish night!
        Receiving all the light and love I can and passing it on. Many thanks, as always, Mark. Hope the coming year is a belter. 🙂

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