Lucy’s Light

Johnny and I have been working together again on a new song. I hope you like it. Merry Christmas everyone!

I’ll shatter the dark for you,

Paint your world with colours, you’ll see

Saffron, crimsons and blues,

Only my light can imbue

Treasures I hold for you,

Galaxies far, we’ll go seeking new stars,

I’ll open it all up to you.

Shimmer on oceans and shores,

All of this and much more,

Vision and sight, I will give you my life,

With me all this is in store.

Rainbows I’ll paint for your taste,

No light of mine will I waste,

Travel with me, hold on tight,

We’ll journey out into space.


Secrets shared for your grace,

Hold on while I lead the chase,

Nothing comes closer than Lucy at light speed,

I’ll keep you close by in my race,

Moons I’ll bathe with my dust,

All of this when you trust,

Radiant light, I will give you my sight,

If you’ll give me shelter and love.

Comfort when we’re side by side,

No need for our love to hide,

We’ll be united if you’re quite decided,

Night and day, we’ll abide.


I’ll shatter the dark for you,

Paint your world sky blue,

Give my light for the sights of your life,

With me you’ll see that it’s true,

Secrets we hide in space

Revealed when we’re in the race,

Hold on tight for the ride of your life,

Night and day now embraced.

Lucy is here by your side,

Come quickly, you must decide,

Look for me near, I am always right here,

Get ready for the ride of your life.