Ready, Steady, Revolution



When the revolution comes

will you be ready

Hearts afire

flames upon your head

Spirit of your youth

still dwelling in there

Nothing gone or lost

till six feet dead

When the new year comes

will you be ready

Another day

as all new days once more

Earth around the sun

we’re still in orbit

Hanging in there

better than before

Stronger for the effort

and the trying


for experience we’ve gained

More empathetic

by the hearts sore tested

Healers to each other

in our pain

When the day begins again

each new one

The revolution

one more spin around

Will you be ready

are you prepared, still willing

Bring it on

we’re still above the ground!

Written for today’s Senior Salon #4. Don’t know how I feel about qualifying for that! I suppose coming up on 55 counts. But still raring to go. Come the revolution – every one of them. 😉