I try not to miss you, I was told,

One time, that this would be the way,

That despite, because and, sometimes,

In the name of sod’s law, there would be these

Missing you, oh so, missing you, such days.

I try not to pine for you, it’s awful,

Knowing you are there, but out of reach,

Like, somehow, if I could know where you are living,

I could search and find,

I’d be there, you’d love me and you’d teach.

I try not to wax and wane like moonshine,

To be true to myself and to you,

To be the one, an undivided woman,

Stalwart, faithful, strong,

I try, but I can’t always be so true.

Sometimes I’m unfaithful, I’m a harlot,

I say and do what things I don’t believe,

Or tongue is tied, I’m mute

You’re disappointed,

I miss you, greatly, on some days like these.

I miss you most when words are there but I’m not,

When you’re quietly calling, asking where I am,

And I’m so busy, always busy,


I miss you then, not now, for here I am.

The other side of me is round a corner,

Patient, waiting, crying, while I fear,

I hear her, search in all the different places,

The wrong ones, so it seems,

She’s there, I’m here.

I miss you on the other side of when, if,

In the won’t and can’t and should and did and must,

If you miss me too, then find me,

I’ll be waiting, and still searching, for without you,

When we’re lost, I’m missing and I’m dust.


Try not to write when you’re angry

Try not to write when you’re drunk

Try not to write when you’re shattered, depleted,

Down in the dumps, in a funk.

Try not to write on shittiest days,

When crap pours down, all about,

Try not to write when your week’s been fubar’d

Beyond any shadow of doubt.

Instead take a coke and the healthiest hauf

Into your den, play some games,

Whatever you do, don’t write a word,

Or, at least, don’t spill any names.

Try not to write until you’re retired,

Then spill the lot and be damned,

Try not to write, no pack drill required,

Just try, I’m trying, goddamn.


The Flow



it flowed to me

through endless turns and twists

it found a way

it persevered 

eroded my objections

i caused delays

it channelled on

between the rocks and crevices

it sluiced and swerved

it cleared my muddied mind

gave absolution


i flowed to it

in deviated routes

i never guessed

that as i sought

it sought me back

while i digressed

it comes and goes

a merging now and then

a confluence

i veer away

it flows on still

in my defence

it ribbons

through my life

i did not know

that where i wandered

stumbled as i went

flow always flowed

it brings me back

it carries when i let it

i should let it more

that mellow

fluid friend

that knows my core

Let’s Chew Gum

Let’s fling fuel on the fire

Stand right back, watch it burn,

Let’s all hope that missiles and bullets

Know which way to turn.

Let’s all pray that mass destruction

Stays far away from here,

Let’s all be brave from a distance,

Fan those flames, show no fear.

Let’s cover their cries with a pop song,

Drown their tears with a gin,

Let’s do some Christmas shopping,

Let’s all concentrate on him.

Let’s buy Jesus an x-box,

Call of Duty would suit him well,

Let’s make sure to be good Christians

Or we might go straight to hell.

Let’s all get our priorities straight,

Buy shares in industry,

Armaments and camouflage,

Now turn on our TV.

Let’s all watch some chewing gum,

Drain our moral code,

Let’s all believe that what we do

Comes gospelled via God.

Let’s all do what Albert said,

Repeat, repeat, don’t learn,

Let’s fling fuel till we raze the lot,

Insanity, asylum.

La,la,la, some chewing gum,

Play station and a game,

Let’s all grab a life controller,

Virtual, reality, all the same.


Winter Woes!

bear hibernating


Find your way out of December

it’s cold

 it’s dark

and it’s grey

it follows right on from November

chasing the autumn away



It leads to one of least favourite


that hole

in the year

where nothing is right, dark swallows the light

and adds another age to my years



February, I thole, with its promise

that the

herald of March

will blow in

buffet the cobwebs of winter

soon April will bring again spring

Kinshaldy beach


May might still feel like winter


not noted

for sun

but I hang on, with hope, in these dark days

that June or July will bring some

autumn in scotland


Failing the former, the latter,



give us a break

failing a summer then autumn

September, October, I’ll take

grumpy santa


But stuff the months of midwinter

with their birthdays

and dark days

and shit

Bah, humbug to winter’s

crap weather

don’t like it one little bit



Should have been born in the hot lands

or taught

to at least


I’d gather in nuts and milk chocolate

a pot of tea and just wait



Till daylight returns to the heartlands

till heart

has thawed

or dried out

any season but winter

hate it without any doubt!

Twenty-Past Four

twenty past four photo

It’s twenty-past four

heaven’s bulbs are knocked out

who turned the day into night

It’s twenty-past four

not one star is about

smoke clouds inhaled all the light


Twenty-past four

in the thick of life’s scrum

a blanket has buried the blaze

Twenty-past four

420 to some

pass it on, it’s been one of those days