Piss and Vinegar

Now, THIS is what I call taking on the New Year with purpose. Bravo, Paul! Whataguy!

Poesy plus Polemics

"Outrage" Painting by Charles Pollock From americanart.si.edu “Outrage”
Painting by Charles Pollock
From americanart.si.edu

what madness it is

to tie up the tongue

to hold back the temper

to stopper your cruets

piss and vinegar need to

be poured and not stored

disinfectants for bullshit

set burn to the bombast

whet words to an edge

cut and slash like a pirate

possessed at pc absurdity

who but the blunt honest

common sense principled

critic can rescue society

free it from strangling

within its own clutches

let fly with just outrage

put the bastards on notice

enough is enough time

to take back control from

those solipsist satraps

paternalist pen-pushers

deaf dumb and blind

central planners of life

stealing freedoms

wherever they find them

so please let the cleansing

acerb piss and vinegar flow

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Thinking In Colour

I thought I saw a rainbow with its lights on

it glittered through the dark

all multi-hued

I thought I saw it, people sliding on it

laughing as they sped

it felt so good

I thought I saw you there among the others

head thrown back

a twinkle in your eyes

I smiled to see you happy, that made me so

I thought I saw it

behind dreaming lies

I think I thought that dreaming was believing

I think I thought

you slid on rainbows too

I think tonight I’ll dream in black and white so

I never think those thoughts

of light and you

Trouble is that rainbows come unbidden

arcs of promise

beckoning, come on

sliding on its curves

the light self-risen

coloured realm that always draws me in

See you on the rainbow, silver’d lining

promissory arch

as each day dawns

slide awhile with me, it costs us nothing

just words of love

and thoughts, fresh coloured, every morn.

Happy New Year, everyone! May your days be filled with light and colour. Thank you so much for your continued support. I appreciate every visit and comment. All the best to each and everyone for 2016. Hugs and love. You’re a grand crew!xox