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    1. You’re very kind, Paul. I have to admit, though, that I didn’t know what an apologue was until I went searching for a synonym for symbols/parables/metaphors. I love the internet! I have enough dictionaries and thesauruses/thersauri (had to go check that there too!) to build a small house but the internet makes it so easy. Words are just great. Love them too, especially finding new ones to me. You often send me off on journeys of discovery. 🙂

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    1. Excellent question, Chris, and pretty much where I was going with this – the inverted pyramid – the journalist’s tool. We get so caught up in the symbols we forget to look at the main facts first.

      I started writing this because I read an article (with a graphic) on chakras. It had a few inverted triangles in it. Made me think of the star of David, the star of Bethlehem, the pyramids, the all-seeing eye, the lotus flower. I had an image in mind of a lotus flower with the star of David at the centre and the eye. And, when I went looking for a picture, after writing, the one above appealed. It’s a Star of David lotus mandala. And the mandala represents consciousness. Don’t you just love Wiki sometimes?!

      It felt like everything, all the symbology, was linked, if we could but see it. Open our eyes.

      You’re a star! Top of the class! 🙂

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