First Foot


punitive January swallows

aquamarine dreams

arrhythmic sadness

in its season while

calendar new hung

awaits tentative

cursive flourishes 

resisting the tepid

and the cold

affirming anew

tomorrows with

each box promising

hope’s pulchitrude

we begin as always

on first foot

Written for Mindlovemiserysmenagerie Wordle #92


2. Tepid

3. Calendar

4. Season

5. Sad

6. Arrhythmic (any disturbance in the rhythm of the heartbeat.)

7. Cursive

8. Tomorrow

9. Swallow

10. Aquamarine

11. Affirmation

12. Pulchritude (physical beauty; comeliness.)

19 thoughts on “First Foot”

      1. Good luck our conversation has not motivated me rather made me more grateful for my computer. Years ago before computers when I was working and sent written stuff to the office to be typed I’d be called down to decipher a word or two I had written. You see computers put a stop to all that….a plus for me…lol….have a good day.

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  1. What a cute calendar. Love the challenge and the way you artfully met it. Clever use of what could be just a simple language but becomes an oil painter’s brush in your imagination, Anne-Marie. A great way to start my 2016 here.

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