By Degrees

snow arrival

a little bit of this

upon arrival

precious bits of more

as night time fell

snow night

chilling unto mellow

needed, kneaded

massaged into melting

by degrees


25 thoughts on “By Degrees”

  1. Pretty to look at and the twinkling diamond upon her skirt to behold. Allergic to this white stuff so I have been told.

    Bottom line I do not like snow at all. We have a saying here we like snow as long as it stays in the mountains. Be well.

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    1. I’m not exactly allergic but I do hate driving in it. Not too fond of its temperature either. 🙂
      I think you’re in Canada if I remember correctly? We don’t get it all that often so when it does make an appearance it’s enjoyed for its novelty value. Briefly. 😉

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      1. Allergic was meant tongue in cheek. When I lived back east I hate driving in it also. Yes I am in Canada. If we get snowfall they melt right away or the next day. We haven’t had snow for three years and bam three snow falls that did not stick. I hope that is the last of them as we get our first spring flowers in two and a half weeks.

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      2. I got you. It’s a bit like me saying I’m allergic to winter. Although that might not be too far off the mark. It’s the dark that kills me. Can’t stand the shorter days. I need light and lots of it. Desperately wait for spring every year and can smell it before it arrives. Look a bit stupid standing sniffing the air at my front door but need the advance notice to keep me going.
        I always think of Canada having lots of snow and it lying. I guess it depends where you are. Good luck with those spring flowers. I’ll be sniffing them from over here if I can. 🙂


      3. Yes in my neighborhood it is the warmest place in all Canada. We can still get snow. Yes the dark after a while gets monotonous. The days are starting their longer version now and that is a big hope. I miss working in the garden and I am itching to do so but I need for it to get a little warmer. Canada does get a lot of snow. Not so much in British Columbia.


      4. That sounds like a Canada I could cope with. Some of the pictures hereabouts, on WP, have me gasping at the amount of snowfall. Roll on the longer days. And happy gardening. Not me. I just sit in it. And hang washing. Hubs is the gardener. 🙂

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    1. Aw, thank you. It is gorgeous to look at. The odd snowman too, if it lasts long enough. It was forecast but still took me by surprise. Then just disappeared by today. Actually hoping it stays away. It makes life inconvenient. 😉


    1. Only a few inches here, Paul. And gone almost as quickly as it came. I know you really get it. It is wonderful to look at, especially on the trees. I do hate having to wear hacket shoes though. Too fond of my high heels! 🙂

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  2. Mmm, that looks a tad chilly, got any spare momus?….says I in 30C (86F) heat 🙂
    Maybe I should send some of mine across….I’ll swap you. I’ll even take a couple of degrees of it if you like 😀
    Hope you had a good time 🙂


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