One In An Ocean



not one drop from another might be known

molecular identity the same

not a single difference once the merging

but oh how very different how they came

one appeared from storm clouds harsh and pouring

one appeared in gurgle of new spring

yet another waited in soft mornings

patient on a leaf unquivering

another came in birthings, more in laughter

some fell down to drown away the pain

others parted seas to clear a new way

or flooded valleys, forged a path through plains

some there were, begrudged, and counted wasted

some hidden though all seen when caught in light

some were shaken, grafted in the darkness

healed a heart sore hurting through long night

elemental gift, so plain or salted

little drops unique to every one

tiny tears converge an ocean’s feeling

composed we are and drink from each one spun

16 thoughts on “One In An Ocean”

  1. Well, we’ve had so little water that any sight of it immediately signals relief to me. Osho used to talk about us each being one drop in the ocean, from which we come and to which we return. And, of course, all life on this planet began in primordial tidal pools on rocks, sparked by sunlight, so there are many illusions that are in sync with this lovely poem. Your usual brilliance with words creating images, Anne-Marie. Just what I needed this morning. xx

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    1. We must be getting your share too, Beth. It’s been constant for I don’t know how long now, except for snow last weekend and this.
      I had been thinking about Mother Theresa’s ‘drop in the ocean’ theory and the rest kind of grew from there. Thanks so much, Beth, you’re always so positive and supportive.x


  2. I think this is one of my favourite poems of yours. The photo sets the scene so beautifully. Water really is an incredible commodity. From tears to oceans. Love it.

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