Aw, Rabbie

Later today, I’ll be heading, with my better half, to Burns’ country, to meet up with some old friends and celebrate a Burns’ Supper. The invite included instructions to prepare a song or poem for the company. I decided to pen my own ode to Burns.

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Aw, Rabbie, did ye know ye wid be famous

An’ aw ye did and said wid come tae be

The talk ae aw the closes an’ the places

Fae Ayr tae pairts ye never got tae see


An’ dae ye think ye’d huv done it ony diff’rent

Reined it in a bit so’s fowk wid think

That ye wur jist a poet, no’ a man wi’

Loadsa nibs, an’ aw ae them chock fu’ a’ ink!


Did ye think ye’d ever grace the tables

Ae lords an’ ladies an’ the likes ye sconced

Wid ye join them noo or wid ye banish, tae hell an’ back

The same wans, as then, that widnae gie response


Ye were mair than poet, ye were human

An’ fashions chainge, they come an’ gang, it’s true

Bit the likes ae you, that said and did it aw wi’ flair, yer ain wey

Never age or dee, mibbe this ye knew


We haver noo, we’re aw pc an’ pish talk

An’ the wans that struttet then still govern noo

Ye’d still be pennin’ poems, walkin’ yer ain walk

Revealin’ rotten eggs, an’ flingin’ mair than jist a few


Bugger aw the ilk that squaash crea’ive

An’ hell mend aw the fowk that pit oan airs

Here’s tae wan that lived and dee’d wi’ passion

Lang life, in death, guid man, lang syne, in suppers, everywhere


11 thoughts on “Aw, Rabbie”

    1. That’ll do me, Paul. Lass beats wummin any day of the week. 🙂 Thanks for listening. I know it’s not easy to wrap your tongue round the written words in Scots. Hopefully, the spoken version made some sense. 🙂

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  1. Is this to the “immortal memory?” 🙂
    It’s lovely. Thank you for sharing. We are celebrating late this year-our Supper will be next Saturday. You should hear our Southern American attempts at reading Burns! I’m sure it’s quite amusing. Have a wonderful time!

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  2. The ‘immortal memory’ was done by a friend from Burns’ own territory and was outstanding, reflecting on the universal appeal of Burns. The guy was a star turn. This was one of my contributions to the night along with Ae Fond Kiss to open the entertainment. With representation from Ireland, England as well as Scotland the accents were varied and charming. I’m sure Southern US would have been equally so. I hope you have as festive a night next weekend. 🙂


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