In A Cloud Of Great Unknowing



Fell ashes, in a cloud of great unknowing,

Flaken debris settled where it touched,

Seared the skin and edified the temples,

Encased, engulfed the living truth in dust,

Magmatised the mantle in a grey shroud,

Displayed treasures, lost in hearths of stone,

Embers died, the light, a distant mem’ry,

Crushed by mortar, pestled into bone.

Fell ashes, in a cloud of great unknowing,

From the heavens, from the centre, east and west,

Built and buried, bona fide, forgotten,

Climactic, pyrrhic victory, at best.

Excavations, earth’s enduring history,

Discovered worlds, through ages’ hidden signs,

By life and death, revealed, in ashes fallen,

Cloud of great unknowing writes the times.


Paul’s wonderful poem, Imagining Atlantis, set me off on one.

13 thoughts on “In A Cloud Of Great Unknowing”

      1. yeah, and thanks for steering me in his direction. his work is beautiful… very philosophical, which i like. i think that’s why i’m drawn to your work too – it’s always astute, always spot-on and full of imagery.

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  1. In fact, for me, Anne-Marie, this poem seems to signal the way we experience the crushing burdens of life itself. That picture epitomises the way I feel when things just descend on us over which we have no control. I also love the allusion to bones being crushed in a mortar. Beautiful, every one of your poems evokes so many instant images. I don’t know how you do it!

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    1. I’m always so glad when anyone can relate at all, Beth! 🙂 I love that poetry can mean so many different things to so many different people. And how the meanings may even change with time or personal circumstance. It’s almost like looking at abstract art and making of it what you see youself – like the observer is co-creator. Thank you, as always, Beth, for such loving support.x

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  2. Nicely done and somewhat overwhelming sadness felt from weight of the world. The volcanic eruption and aftermath played in my mind. Each interpretation is so interesting. I like to hear what you meant, most of all, A.M. ♡

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    1. I guess we all try to paint a picture with words, Robin, and hope that the reader sees what we see or has a sense of it. It’s neverendingly fascinating to me that we each can draw on our own experiences to help colour the image. Many thanks for your lovely comments.x


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