Great Escape

tower anna fix

(source: Anna Banana Hurley)

no imprisonment

solitary confinement

writer’s great escape


Lock me in a tower, where a door was never found,

Suspend it high from clouds above the ground,

Shear my hair and cast the strands as confetti all around,

Imprison me where there is not a sound.


Break the tethers tying, the ribbons that would bind,

Permit its soaring licence of the skies that it may find

A merging with the moments that are lost inside my mind,

In a tower built to wander unassigned.


Give me books and paper and a fountain full of ink,

Let me loose alone without a link,

Lose me on the radar of a world upon the brink,

Hide me in holes in space so I can think.


Let the words and pictures be my nectar, nourishment,

May I pass through times wherever I am sent,

Keep a window clear so I can see where lives are spent

While my tower gives me strength when it needs lent.


Shelter me in shadows that the tower never casts,

Let me lease it for the silence while it lasts,

Keep it from the eyes of those forbidden to trespass,

Confinement solitary, unsurpassed.


New Book – Onionskin

Wow! X THIRTEEN! Way to go, Paul!

Poesy plus Polemics

BookCoverImageOnionskin Volume 13 of my Collected Poetry

I am pleased and excited to announce that my 13th full-length collection of original poetry has been released to book markets by Stonewood Press.

Onionskin: Lyrical Layers

“This is the thirteenth full length collection of poetry presented by the uniquely sophisticated voice of Paul F. Lenzi. A wide ranging assortment of original poems that explore the nooks and crannies of our human experience. Essentially a free verse journey with occasional side trips into haiku. These poems are provocative, stylish and easily digestible. They are also remarkably memorable. Rich with artful syntax, “Onionskin” stands up to the very best of contemporary American poetry.”

This 272 page volume is now available on Amazon in both paperback and kindle versions, as well as at Barnes & Noble. Similarly available are my 12 earlier books:

• City of Pawns
• Range of Motion
• Two-Cornered Rooms

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