Blogs Reunited

To make up for the fact that I might be a bit of a plank, I’m issuing an invitation.

You see, I quite frequently do my blog reading in bed with my Kindle. It’s less cumbersome than my laptop and I can pretend that I’m going to sleep when really I’m catching up and promising myself five more minutes. And, if it falls on the floor when I drift over, I haven’t ruined a laptop – done that one before. Drambuie. Hell of a mess.

Now, if any of you use a Kindle Fire for bloggy business you may be aware that the buttons for follow and pressing send on a comment are gie close together. This may have resulted in me unfollowing some people almost immediately after making a comment. Yeah, I always make a habit of commenting then unfollowing. Good practice. Not.

It may, however, be down to the WP gods, as some people I refollowed commented that the same thing had happened to them. And, right enough, I’ve been surprised, a few times lately when folk followed me – what, again? I thought. I don’t want to make false accusations and my Kindle is a bugger, at times, what with predicting my text wrongly and making me look like a moron. Of course, I know how to spell luvverly poest. I just don’t know how to turn off the suggestions that keep coming up. Also, it has this nasty habit of making whole other words up which would be fine if I lived in Gobbledygook but I don’t. Just talk it sometimes.

Anyway, I was on Donna’s Always On My Mind Blog Party. Don’t you just love a good party? And I kept seeing people’s names and going, I haven’t seen you around in ages in my reader or emails. Then I clicked on their blog and the little follow button, down there at the right hand side – why did they move it, I liked it where it was, up there, ^^^ – showed up and I had the red neck of refollowing people I didn’t know I’d unfollowed.

I could go into that dohickey page where all the blogs you follow are listed and check each one but that doesn’t help me know who’s not there. Only who is. And those ones show up in my reader and emails.

Do you see what I mean?

Well, the long and the short of it is that I thought I’d open this here page up to all who read my scribblings and any who do not, (if you happen upon here, welcome!)

Please feel free to link a post below and take the opportunity to make new bloggy friends. I will also do my utmost to read each and every one. And, if I come across another blog that I have inadvertently unfollowed, I’ll just quietly click follow without any further explanation. Deal?

Now, I was going to turn off comments on this so’s people would go to comment on other people’s sites and not here (watch out for that follow button, though, if you’re on a Kindle) but then realised that you wouldn’t be able to post a link to your blog post.

:/ Tech, eh?

I hope you meet new people through this and that I get to catch up with those I’ve lost track of.

Bring your own booze. I don’t drink on school nights – well, not often. So, I can’t call it a party. More a reunion, I guess.

Oh, apparently, you’re better to just post one at a time so, if you want to link more than one, best do each separately. I don’t know why either. Maybe a favourite of yours or your most recent? Whatever you like. I follow lots of different types of blogs because I love lots of different types of things – photography, art, poetry, politics, cooking, crafts, travel, science, you name it, – so don’t be shy. You’re more than welcome.

Happy 1st February (when it comes, 42 minutes and counting). That has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that Spring is getting closer and January is a bitch. I’ll be glad to see the back of her. But very happy to see you here.x


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  1. I kindle read from bed too!! Ironic that you post this on a day that I’m already so irritated with WordPress glitches. Oh boy, blogging grief 🙂

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    1. I do wish they would stop changing things. Every time I think I’ve learned something I’ve to relearn it at some point down the line. Someone suggested that the changes were to do with mobile friendly apps or some such. I haven’t a hope in hell of doing any blogging from my phone but I thought I could trust my Kindle. Glad to know I’m not alone even if that means enjoying someone else’s misfortunes. :/ Sorry. 🙂
      Welcome and glad you’ve posted your link. 🙂

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      1. Thank you 🙂 The kindle is very convenient but it has it’s flaws. I find myself having to get on laptop to fix something often. But the enjoyment far outweighs the pesky moments, thankfully!

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  2. What a great post! I have unfollowed so many as well and wonder if WP is playing tricks with all their “improvements” (sigh!!) I read posts in my reader on my phone before going to sleep and on the bus to work…so many changes makes it difficult to comment and I have hit follow a few times instead of like. Guess WP wants us to kill two birds with one click

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    1. Oh, I don’t even know how you can on your phone, Oliana. I’m useless with it. Texting too. It’s either laptop or Kindle so it’s only in the evening I get the chance to catch up. There definitely does seem to be a few issues. And, as much as I embrace change, it helps if it’s for the better. Please feel free to post a link, Oliana – or a few – we probably have friends in common since we started together. 🙂 x

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    1. And it’s ages since you’ve shown up in mine, Prateek, but I’m definitely still following you. 🙂 I hope you had an enjoyable break away; it’s good to see you back in blogland. A belated Happy New Year to you too. 🙂

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    1. You should hear me in full flow then, Paul. Maybe not. You’d probably tell me to shutit – nicely, of course. 😉 I do love my kindle but I might need to invest in a tablet with a bigger screen for my night time perusings. I’m glad I haven’t unfollowed you! I’ll be in directly to catch up on your latest. Coffee first after a hard day at the chalkface and a catch up with my own weans after everybody else’s. 🙂

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  3. Hey momus…I just thought it was my underarm deoderant and people were ‘disappearing 😀
    I’ve found a few that had dropped off the planet so I re-followed and hoped for the best 🙂
    Just finished that post….just ‘feeling’ it to make sure it is right before I hit the ‘Publish’ button, it may rock a few boats…or not 🙂

    Healing Your Heart From Within

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    1. January sucked. It always does. Dark and miserable. That might just be me, right enough. :/ February’s not looking too promising here at the moment either. I’ve been blown to school and back again. But, hey, at least we have a name for them now, eh? Whose bright idea that was I don’t know but we’re now taking bets in the staff room about the next name. I opted for Isadora. No money will change hands, just the satisfaction of being right. It’s a teacher thing. 😉 I’m glad you found your way here and linked. I enjoyed a browse around yours last night and will get back in now that I’ll receive notifications. I hope you make new friends, they’re a lovely crew.x

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      1. Yes, I’m not exactly fond of this time of year either, glad when the Spring sunshine will come. It is certainly windy here too, hope you stay on your feet and aren’t swept away by those gusty winds. Thanks for introducing me to your crew. x

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  4. Are you following me? I think that’s what police are for….haha….fun post. It happens to me occasionally too, or my reader is filled with insane rubbish and I’m like, who is this? I know my mind gets kinda shot at times…but hmmm.the WP trickery…I get you in my mailbox😊

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    1. I’m pleased to say I’m still following you, Kim, police or not! Your posts soothed me to the point that I’m struggling to keep awake here – such a balm.
      I have to admit I notice the – who are you? – thoughts on Twitter. I’ve obviously returned a few follows without knowing who they are or what they tweet about. I’m not really into knowing how to maximise my abs and eat to feed the burn but I get a lot of tweets from him! I hardly like to unfollow now; I just go -wtf! who exercises that much? – and scroll on down. (there’s always another one from him!) :/

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  5. Now you’ve got me wondering if I’ve unfollowed anyone. I don’t think so. Conversely there might be people I should have unfollowed.
    Anyway, Donna’s party was fun, but it’s a work week and there are things to do.

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    1. Not at all, Ellen. I thoroughly enjoyed your post and the marvellous commentary afterwards. I was nodding furiously along with most of it till I reached the Trump card! When hell freezes over. I’ll even man the barricades. 🙂

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  6. Too funny! I love WordPress but I must say the best place for me to navigate it is on my laptop. Between the auto correct not correcting, the word predictor not predicting correctly, and random glitches related to WordPress and not my phone, I should learn by now to just use the laptop.

    Thanks for liking a comment on another blog that lead me to this amusing relatable post.

    I write about things I hope others can relate to- life, relationships, parenting. I’m a real person and don’t try to live larger than life or Facebook perfect.

    One of my most read posts-

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    1. There’s none of us perfect, Niki, thank god. 🙂 We’d die of boredom. I must say your new life sounds just perfect for raising your kids and having a slower-paced life. I miss the sea when I’ve not seen it in a while. Living by it must be a dream in so many ways.
      Thanks for popping by. I’m not sure which comment I liked. I read most comments on blog posts and get lost in the links. 🙂

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      1. It has been a wonderful change of pace and my girls love it. My 7 year old especially but even my 1 year old was memorized by the ocean yesterday. Her and my hubby went for a walk on the boardwalk and she watched the waves and just kept saying “wow”, ” wow”! It was so cute to see someone so little react like that.

        I hear ya! I think it was actually one about me clicking or not clicking on links on Danny’s blog at Dream Big funny enough 🙂


  7. Here is the most recent post on my blog (other than some reblogs, which you can see when you visit and hit the Home button):

    Yeah, it’s a month old, but I’ve been busy, what with dealing with my wife’s stroke and all that. Anyway, your feedback or comments are always welcomed as long as you keep the insults to a minimum.

    BTW, I love your blog’s title. Being a Discordian, I am familiar with Momus, who is probably most well known for being the patron god of clowns and circuses.

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    1. Hi Tim, you’re very welcome here. I’m sorry to hear of your wife’s stroke but hope that you now have her home from the nursing home.
      You may very well be the first person to comment that you know who Momus is. I think, generally, my blog name is presumed to be wordplay on being a Scottish mum. I couldn’t have told you what being a Discordian involved though until I did a quick search based on your comment here and, I’m sure, what little I’ve read is only a glimpse into it.
      And, be assured, I would never be insulting on anyone’s blog. At least, not intentionally. 🙂
      My best wishes to your wife, Barbara, and yourself. Take care.


  8. I think I follow more people than continue to follow me! I have unfilled people and accidentally re-blogging someone. Wish there were a little button on my cell phone which would pop up and ask me, “Robin, are you sure about this?!”

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