Defining Treasure

Concertina razor wire on a fence in the city. Not very welcoming... is it?


keep out or keep in

bladed concertina warns

defining treasure

‘protected by razor wire’

welcome words need not apply


23 thoughts on “Defining Treasure”

  1. A veritable treasure of a peace…a cocktail of the surreal, the smack in the mouth message, each line standing alone as would a ‘title’ to a song, yet together a perfection…bravo

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    1. Thank you very much, Mike. I saw it coiled around the roof of a Tesco Express today and wondered just what was so worth that level of protection. That, perhaps naturally enough, took me to other barriers. Our sensibilities are asquiff, I feel, when blades of security are ever acceptable. Many thanks again for such a positive comment.

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  2. I know a few places might have wished they had that protection when I was a child, we did like to climb and explore places we should not have been. 🙂
    It’s so ugly for this day and age. Surely there was another way to protect their premises?

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    1. Exactly so, Bernadette. The visual representation of, ‘unwelcome, not wanted, stay out, we’re protecting something more worthwhile than you’, screamed at me today with this wire around the roof of a shop. As if words are necessary when we put up barriers – they say it all.

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  3. I was sad that this looks like a barricade, a prison wall topping not a company. This is not very nice for marketing nor advertising product. This was very interesting post, Anne-Marie. I will need to use your name when you visit me! Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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