The Incense of Many (A Rewritten Conversation with Dante the Muse)

I speak with Dante too, though she doesn’t have a name

And know, from conversations, we set fire to the pain

So ‘the incense of many’, told in Dante/Daniel dreams,

Incensed, with a purpose, shall hold high in all extremes.

Daniel Swearingen

“And let that aroma please the cold, that angel of darkness, with wings unfold”.

We sit in the dim, near a mountain bay, I think it’s near Grand Lake, and just to say something, to start a spark, I look at my muse Dante and say,

“The incense of many will carry this day”!

“What”, Dante says in the twilight grim, his teeth set like a wicked sin, “I remember Shakespeare, when that was not really his name, you know even that poor fraud was known to say”! “It’s just as Jaques said to Duke Senior, all the men and women are merely players, all the world is a stage, yes all the world is a stage”.

It’s as if Dante is playing a game, a devil’s advocate, a prince of the shame, and so he continues and goes on some more, his lips glistening with cold and lore…

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